The Emmys took a dangerous turn on Sunday night when the creators combined the hilarious charm of Andy Samberg with Kit Harington's knack for making entire nations swoon his characters back to life. And by "dangerous," I mean, "I'll be OK, just give me a minute." Andy Samberg & Kit Harington's Emmy jokes bit was a lot to handle in the best way. The two beloved actors took to the stage to reunite after facing off in HBO's 7 Days In Hell (that tennis mockumentary that we all feared meant Jon Snow was really leaving us for good) and present John Oliver with an Emmy for his series, Last Week Tonight. But first, they needed to make it into the following year's Emmys highlights reel (as if the sheer fact that they were standing on stage together wasn't enough of a highlight, but OK). And the only way to do this, of course, was to sputter off as many ridiculous one-liners as they possibly could.

Highlights included, "Now it's a party!" and "Talk about a tapeworm!" But then came the moment that made the entire world swoon, when Samberg joked, "No, Kyle Chandler, I will not kiss you," to which Harington joked, "Yes, Kyle Chandler, I will kiss you." To which the entire internet was like, GET IN LINE, KIT.

What's more, is that Chandler's reaction is possibly more adorable than the combination of Jon Snow and everyone's favorite funny detective:

It all ended with a fake marriage proposal that every Game of Thrones fans wishes they were on the receiving end of. Even if it's not real. We're all still jealous.

But you should probably appreciate the full moment yourself. Over and over. And once more for good measure.

KCC:  See the clip here: