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Jul 13, 2016

The Rayburns return: 8 things to expect in ‘Bloodline’ Season 3

Kyle Chandler on 'Bloodline'
The Rayburn family is back!

On Wednesday (July 13), Netflix announced that “Bloodline” has been renewed for a third season. The dark thriller by Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glen Kessler will return with the star-studded cast, Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, Sissy Spacek and Norbert Leo Butz.

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“Todd, Daniel, and Glenn have created a riveting family saga featuring one of the most talented ensembles in the history of television. We can’t wait to see what the next chapter holds for the all-too-human Rayburns,” says Cindy Holland, Vice President of Original Content at Netflix.

So, what can we expect to see when this Florida noir comes back with new episodes?

Based on the past two seasons, and where the recent finale left off, Zap2it breaks it down as to what audiences can look forward to seeing next summer.

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1. New locations

John Rayburn (Kyle Chandler) is on the run, having officially hit a wall in how to fix the mess his family is in. Where is he going? No idea. While the Florida Keys will remain the show’s home base, the series will have to branch out and heavily feature a new city. It’s a juxtaposition that worked nicely when the series jumped back and from New York last season.
'Bloodline' flashbacks

2. More ghosts

While the ghost of Danny (Mendelsohn) will continue to follow John, Kevin is now going to be haunted by Marco (Enrique Murciano). While Murciano is not listed as part of the cast members returning, neither was Sam Shepard for Season 2, making his return an awesome surprise. Plus, the show loves its flashbacks. So, it’s safe to assume all dead characters will make an appearance in one way or another in Season 3.

3. Diana Rayburn takes the lead

Jacinda Barrett’s role as John’s wife was largely expanded from her humble one dimensional beginnings. And she’s due for an even bigger role in the next installment. With John A.W.O.L., Diana is going to have to step up to the plate to protect her family and — much to her chagrin — help save John from being convicted of murder. She’s proven to be one tough lady when pinned against the wall, and it will exciting to see what she does to keep herself and her children safe.

4. Belle will also step up

Norbet Leo Butz as Kevin Rayburn 'Bloodline'
Kevin (Butz) is going to be a disaster of a human being after murdering Marco, and Belle (Kate Finneran) will have to whip him in to shape. It will be her responsibility to make sure he finally gets his life together, so he can be a formidable father to their future baby boy. Previously seen as a male dominated series, “Bloodline” Season 3 will feature much of the Rayburn women — aside from Meg (Cardellini) and Mama Rayburn (Spacek).

5. An explanation of Roy Gilbert’s plan

Beau Bridges’ character was a major surprise in Season 2, and the cliffhanger ending showed that his gangster ties run deep. It’s safe to say his shady history with the Rayburn family means his getting into business with Kevin comes with some serious ulterior motives. What’s his end game? We’re about to find out.
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6. Mama Rayburn loses her innocence

Ben Mendelsohn and Sissy Spacek star on Bloodline
Part of Season 2’s cliffhanger included Meg running into her mother’s arms, appearing as if she was going to tell her everything. While at first that seemed crazy, story wise … it would be the best thing to happen to Spacek’s character. Her seemingly aloof and naive personality has grown a bit tiresome. Her most interesting scenes this past season were the times she was able to briefly strip herself from the “everything’s fine and dandy” facade that she continues to hide behind. It’s time for Sally to learn what monsters her children have become, and join the dark family parade of crazy.

7. Hopefully, more Chelsea

Chloe Sevigny as Chelsea O'Bannon 'Bloodline'
Not sure how Chelsea O’Bannon (Chloe Sevigny) can stay a relevant character, but if anyone can figure out how to make that happen, the Kesslers can. Hopefully, they will. The Oscar nominated Sevigny steals every scene she’s in which is not an easy feat when sharing the screen with veteran actors Mendelsohn and Chandler.

8. Less Jane, more Nolan

There was way too much of Jane Rayburn (Taylor Rouviere) in Season 2 and barely enough Nolan (Brandon Larracuente). Now that John is gone, Nolan is going to to have to step up to he plate as the male figure in the Rayburn house. It would be the perfect time for audiences to get to know the young Rayburn boy. We’d be able to learn what he’s been up to since his long lost cousin Nolan (Owen Teague) came to town, and how his father being on the run has affected him.

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