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Jun 22, 2016

'Bloodline' Season 2 News: Kyle Chandler Explains Why Rayburn Family Is Like Yours [VIDEO]

While the Rayburns are known for lying, deceiving and murdering, they may be more like your family than you realize! (Photo : Saeed Adyani/Netflix)

Bloodline star Kyle Chandler recently explained how the show isn't just about lying and deceiving.
Much of the appeal of Bloodline has been in the Rayburn family's penchant for being deceptive towards each other (and others). But Chandler suggested in a recent interview that while the Rayburn family may seem more dysfunctional than most, they may be more relatable than you'd think.

"You might think, because certain things happen in 'Bloodline,' that it's about lies and thievery and cheating and stabbing each other in the back. But it's not. It's about family," Chandler told IndieWire recently. "And within every family, there's all of that, in some form or fashion. Maybe not to the extent of killing each other, but it's a little bit of a looking glass into how you deal with your siblings. It's much different when you're little kids, as opposed to when you get older and become young men and women with your own families."

He continued, "Even though they're siblings, they've got other families to deal with now, and their relationships are much different and changed. I think there's an interest in that, because we all have that. And people who watch the show can see, maybe to a different degree, "Oh yeah, that's right"; how things change and how family changes, and how fractures can become fissures and separate families."

While Chandler's character, John, certainly did some evil things at the end of season 1 and continued his behavior into season 2, the actor said that he was interested in showing the trust within the family and how it can break, rather than just portraying him as an evil man.

"Still, it's blood. There's always that trust. There's always, 'I don't care what you do to me, you're my sister, you're my brother. I'll give my life for you.' So it's more interesting to play the trust, and show the things that break it apart, than show the evil."

Bloodline's two seasons are available to stream now on Netflix. The streaming company has not yet renewed the Florida Keys drama for a third season.

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