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Apr 21, 2016

5 Best Things to Watch on Netflix This Week

2. Bloodline 
Bloodline returns for its much anticipated second season this May as the critically acclaimed cast are reunited, so now's your chance to catch up on season one if you haven't already. For those that haven't seen it, it stars Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights), Ben Mendelsohn (The Dark Knight Rises), Sissy Spacek (Carrie), and Linda Cardellini (Mad Men) and follows the story of a Florida family called the Rayburns, who are pillars of the community but have some dark, dark secrets hidden in their past.

Takes a few episodes to get going but worth sticking with.

3. Friday Night Lights
While we're talking Kyle Chandler, now's a perfect time to watch all of the absolutely fantastic Friday Night Lights from start to finish. Worth it for Coach Taylor's epic motivational speeches alone...

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