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Sep 19, 2015

TV Guide: 2015 Emmy Predictions: Who Will Win?


Who will win: Jon Hamm, Mad Men

This is it: Hamm's eighth and final shot to win an Emmy for playing Don Draper. Emmy voters have never been sentimental folk -- Steve Carell, Martin Sheen, Angela Lansbury, Hugh Laurie are Emmy-less for their iconic roles -- but that was under the old voting system. With the whole acting branch eligible to vote now, that ought to favor Hamm since you know not everyone's voting on merit alone. If none of the Mad Men actors win, the show will go 0-37 in acting awards.

Watch out for: Kyle Chandler, Bloodline  Four years ago, with three-time defending champ Bryan Cranston not eligible, Hamm was supposed to be a lock after submitting the seminal episode "The Suitcase." Instead, Chandler pulled off an upset for Friday Night Lights. He can easily deny Hamm again, especially if voters watch his stellar work in his submission "Chapter 12."

KCC: Good luck, Kyle!!

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