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Jul 13, 2015

Emmy Predictions: Drama Acting Races Hotter Than Ever

Drama Actor:

Adman Don Draper found bliss — and bought the world a Coke — in the final moments of AMC’s “Mad Men,” all but guaranteeing Jon Hamm an acting nod for the role. (Will he finally earn that elusive trophy? That’s for another column.) Hamm may once again have to fend off Kyle Chandler, who played a tormented brother in Netflix’s family drama “Bloodline” and won the category in 2011 for “Friday Night Lights.” Bob Odenkirk found the heart in Albuquerque’s best worst lawyer Saul Goodman, né Jimmy McGill, in AMC’s “Better Call Saul,” while Kevin Spacey proved yet again that President Francis Underwood doesn’t have one in Netflix’s “House of Cards.” Terrence Howard may well ride the “Empire” wave to an Emmy nod as the head of the hip-hop family. And the final slot could go to Clive Owen, for his work as the drug-addicted turn-of-the-century doctor in “The Knick.”

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