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Mar 19, 2015

Attention, Kyle Chandler Is Available for Hire as Your Life Coach and "Racy" Party Entertainment!

Clear eyes, full hearts, finish that piece of cake!

Yes, that really could be something you hear at your next birthday party 'cause Friday Night Lights' Coach Taylor/our ultimate TV fictional husband Kyle Chandler is totally up providing the entertainment at your next birthday party. Or even a slightly more scandalous event. The man's talents knows no bounds.

When E! News caught up with the Emmy winner to chat about his amazing new Netflix series Bloodlines, we had to know if people still come up to him and ask for some of Coach Taylor's signature words of wisdom. Oh, and if he wouldn't mind ever hoping on the phone when we need some motivation of the Coach-variety.

Connie Britton, Kyle Chandler, Friday NightLights
Virginia Sherwood/NBC

"I don't do phone calls, I do house visits," Chandler says, "and then usually it's for birthday parties or sort of a racy thing. I've got a costume for that. It's good, it's fun."

Say whaaa?! Oh, it gets better. He even provides how to set up one of these visits, saying to, "Look on the web. It's!" Forgive us Tami Taylor, but we may or may not have tried looking it up. You know, purely for research purposes.

All dirty dancing jokes aside, we were able to get Chandler to reveal the real reason there won't ever be a Friday Night Lights reunion, and it's all Connie Britton's fault! Press play on our interview with Chandler above to find out why Britton is holding out!

Fortunately, fans don't have to wait long to see Chandler back on their TV screens. In fact, they will get their wish tonight when Bloodlines' entire first season will be available to stream on Netflix. From the producers of Damages, Bloodlines centers on a family of four siblings in the Florida Keys whose lives are turned upside down and secrets are exposed when the black sheep returns home. Chandler plays the oldest sibling, with Linda Cardellini, Ben Mendelsohn and Norbert Leo Butz taking on his younger sister and brothers.

And in the grand tradition of Netflix's original dramas, like House of Cards and Orange Is the New Black, prepare to pull an all-nighter as you will not be able to resist pressing play to find out what happens next.

"It's similar to a novel, if you will. The chapters go back quick and there is a lot of change and development between each chapter," Chandler previews, adding, "It's a 13-hour-long movie." To hear more about the brooding series, press play on the video above!

Bloodlines premieres tonight at midnight PST.

Go here to this link and scroll down to see another interview video with Kristin and Kyle:

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