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May 14, 2014

"It took two of us to replace Kyle Chandler . . . "

Chip Esten Talks Nashville’s Future, “Tearing Up” Over Friday Night Lights

I was just excited to see Tammi Taylor back out on the football field! As a Friday Night Lights fan, when you were cast in this role as Deacon, did you ever have this thought of how you would stack up to Coach Taylor?

I knew that starting up, and I had also read the script, so I knew very well that I wasn’t playing her husband — that was Eric [Close] who was playing Teddy — but the truth is it took two of us to replace Kyle Chandler. It took Deacon and Teddy [laughs]. But on a serious note, it took the two of us to also make it different than that. It would have been hard for anybody just to play the role of her husband, and I cross my fingers that we have the same level of chemistry as Coach and Mrs. Coach.

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KCC:  No one will ever have the chemistry of Coach and Mrs. Coach.   ;)