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Nov 22, 2013

Kyle Chandler Recalls the Classic Army-Navy Game of 1963 in a Tribute to JFK

Kyle Chandler of 'Friday Night Lights' recalls the classic Army-Navy game of November 1963.
Kyle Chandler of 'Friday Night Lights' recalls the classic Army-Navy game of November 1963. (
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Nov 4, 2013

Leo Dances in 'Wolf of Wall Street' Trailer, And 9 Other Great Captured Moments


When the first trailer for The Wolf of Wall Street, Martin Scorcese’s upcoming Wall Street drama, was released back in early summer, it left us with two takeaways: 1) the lack of women (at least clothed ones) and 2) Leonardo DiCaprio’s instantly Gif-able dancing. In the just-released second trailer for The Wolf of Wall Streetthere still aren’t very many women, but Scorcese must’ve realized how much we loved seeing the constantly serious DiCaprio let loose, because happily, there are plenty of scenes of Leo dancing and partying like it’s 1998.

Even better, those scenes are just a few of the many, many gifts we’re given from the movie’s second trailer. Our 10 favorite moments, captured in screenshots:

1. Jonah Hill Wearing This

It’s always nice to see Hill looking dumb, even if it just for a movie.

2. Leo Doing This

Clearly taking a page from Kevin McCallister. Um. Yes.

3. Leo Having a “King of the World!” Moment

It’s possible this Titanic shout-out wasn’t intentional, but we’d like to think it was.

4. Leo Singing at What Looks Like the Best House Party Ever

  It’s like Gatsby, just with a less reserved host and a much less ominous pool.


Coach is here! Coach is here!


That smirk. How we missed it so.


  We just couldn’t resist. I mean, look at him.

8. Jonah Hill Getting Punched

Does this movie contain everything we ever hoped for?

9. Jonah Giving Leo A Head Rub

  Apparently, yes.

10. Leo Dancing, Again

In the movie’s first trailer, we saw a gif of DiCaprio dancing go viral when the Internet got word of his cool moves. His dancing in the second trailer isn’t quite as… spirited, but it’s still pretty great.
Other moments from the Wall Street trailer included Hill quitting his job to work for DiCaprio, the boys spending over $20,000 on dinner, much to DiCaprio’s dad’s astonishment (“Did the sides cure cancer?!” “Yes, they did.”), DiCaprio getting some dangerous advice from Matthew McConaughey, and the Feds (including Chandler) honing on in the stockbroker’s illegal actions. All in all, the trailer made us even more excited than the first for Dec. 25, when The Wolf of Wall Street hits theaters.

Watch the full trailer here:

We fans at Kyle Chandler Central noticed every one of those Kyle shots in the trailer.  We can't wait to see this film!!