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Aug 22, 2013

‘The Spectacular Now’ a credible, real-world film about teens

"Miles Teller holds his own as Sutter, but Shailene Woodley and veteran actor Kyle Chandler steal the show. Aimee’s awkward laughs and naiveté are spot-on and her big emotional scene, a teenage “I love you” that could easily play as silly and cute, is instead full of a rawness rarely seen from a young performer in a high-school role.

Chandler has notably played a series of businessman-types (“Zero Dark Thirty,” “Argo”), a football coach on “Friday Night Lights” and, if your memory stretches back far enough, an unassuming man who can forecast the future via a day-early newspaper on “Early Edition,” but he’s something entirely different in “The Spectacular Now.”

Tommy is a deadbeat, a drunk and wholly unreliable, and Chandler absolutely owns his scenes in the film, putting on a magnetic performance that is all nerves and tics."

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