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Aug 9, 2013

Exclusive: A Photo Essay on the Making of ‘The Spectacular Now’

And that’s all without mentioning the great Kyle Chandler, not just a stellar performer but a prince among men.

Kyle turned down first-class airfare and drove himself from Texas to Georgia. Why? Because he thought it would be the best way to prepare himself for the role. As he drove, he took pages and pages of copious notes on his character—a character who appears in one scene and shoots for a day and a half. Why? Because he’s awesome.

Kyle was the emotional rock of Friday Night Lights; a reliable husband, father, and coach, a pillar of the community. In The Spectacular Now he plays Tommy Keely, Sutter’s long-absent father. It was our dream to cast Kyle in this role not just because he’s a fine actor but because he’s so beloved.

When the door opens and it’s Coach Taylor, what could possibly go wrong? Well, just you wait. If you only know Kyle Chandler as Coach Taylor, get ready for something very different.
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