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Apr 11, 2013

The Greatest TV Couple of All Time? EW Staff Pick: Coach and Tami

Image Credit: Virginia Sherwood/NBC

As Kurt and Blaine battle it out with the Doctor and Rose in EW’s Greatest TV Couple of All Time championship, we’re unveiling our favorite couples, who didn’t advanced as far as we would have liked. Here’s the case for Coach and Tami of Friday Night Lights.

Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler said that what allowed them to play such a strong, realistic married couple on Friday Night Lights was the fact that on day one, the writers told them that they were never going to break up. And that is the foundation of what would become, in my opinion, the greatest television couple of all time … even if they were knocked out in round one of our bracket game (Thanks a lot, Jim and Pam).

Eric was the high school football coach with the weight of the world — or worse, Texas — on his shoulders and an admirable ability to build troubled teens into honorable men. Tami was the high school guidance counselor turned principal turned guidance counselor again, whose expertise in being both objective and sensitive made her the go-to for those in need of advice about, well, anything. And together, Eric and Tami were Dillon’s sweethearts (as well as its moral compass).

Their Southern drawls and fabulous heads of hair made them Texas’ most attractive couple, but their love and partnership made them the best portrayal of a marriage on television.

For starters, Eric and Tami’s love never wavered. Was their relationship tested? Definitely. They spent an entire pregnancy in separate cities, but they knew they could do it because their relationship was that strong. And that strength was never questioned. Tami and Eric were always madly in love, not to mention passionate. They were equal partners in all of their decision making. They understood the meaning of compromise, and — no matter how long it took them to figure it out — they always did what was best for their relationship, even if it meant giving up a college coaching job or (SPOILER!) moving to Philadelphia and starting over.

Most importantly, Tami and Eric were best friends. When Eric had an issue, he not only asked Tami’s opinion, but he respected it. And despite the outcome of any situation and whether they agreed with their partner’s actions, Tami and Eric always had each other’s backs. At the end of the day, they were sitting on the couch at home with a glass of wine (or a beer), ready to talk or cuddle or help however they could. They supported each other, no questions asked. And when Eric’s team won the big game, Tami was the first person he hugged.

Tami and Eric’s partnership was what made them good parents. They knew the importance of presenting a united front — even if Julie snuck a class schedule by them once or twice — and they knew the difference between bickering and fighting. Although, if we’re being honest, even their fights were charming.

For five seasons, fans never feared that Eric and Tami would call it quits. The Taylors were solid. No matter what life threw at these two, they tackled it like they were Tim Riggins leading Smash Williams down the field at State. Tami and Eric — much like Texas — were forever.

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  1. "They spent an entire pregnancy in separate cities, but they knew they could do it because their relationship was that strong."

    No, they didn't know they could do it. Tami THOUGHT they could, Eric KNEW they couldn't. Eric was very concerned he wasn't "mature in that sense"---which is to say, he sense it would strain their marriage, but he agreed with her anyway, and it DID strain their marriage, which is why he had to quit and come back. That's what makes them a great coupl, actually - the realism. It isn't some romantic "love will lways get you through" - instead, you have to make compromises in marriage, and he made his by quitting and coming home. Tami thought they could do it without compromise - she'd pursue her career, he'd pursue his - but they couldn't. Then he followed her to Phili in the end. She apparently made her share of compromises over the years as well. A great relationship that understood you can't "have it all" all the time if you want to maintain a long term marriage, but there are season of give and take. Not something you get on TV much!