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Jan 10, 2013

Career Combacks: Kyle Chandler, Don Johnson & Bill Pullman

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Let's take a look at three stars who are experiencing a career revival this week: a former coach taking the helm of his own career, an actor who seems to only take roles in which he is well-to-do, and a new president of the United States. So, who is making the best career decisions?

Kyle Chandler

After heading up one of my all-time favorite shows, Friday Night Lights, Kyle Chandler took a bit of a hiatus from acting. Sure, he was in Super 8 back in 2011, but his role wasn't large or significant enough to fill the gap from the end of Lights to now. Luckily, we have plenty of Chandler coming up on the big screen. He's swung back into the spotlight with the outstanding Argo in November, and in Zero Dark Thirty, another political movie, which will have its wide release on Friday. Also on the horizon for Chandler is Broken City with Russell Crowe, Mark Wahlberg, and Catherine Zeta-Jones; The Spectacular Now with Shailene Woodley, Brie Larson, and Jennifer Jason Leigh; and the buzzy Martin Scorsese film, The Wolf of Wall Street, with Leonardo DiCaprio, Jonah Hill, Matthew McConaughey, and Jon Favreau. Now those are some casts to shine with.

Don Johnson

Though I'm sure Don Johnson still misses the days of wearing expensive Armani suits and driving around in a Ferrari while chasing drug dealers, he must be pretty happy to be appearing in a huge film like Django Unchained. The slavery-set Western soared to $100 million at the box office in only 12 days, and it looks to have a long life ahead of it. As for Johnson, his performance as a flamboyant plantation owner has been critically acclaimed for anchoring the funniest scene in the otherwise grisly film. Maybe we'll see more of the erstwhile Detective James Crockett in the near future.

Bill Pullman

The President of the United States is back! Bill Pullman, who played our country's leader in the blockbuster hit Independence Day, takes on another term as the president on the new sitcom, 1600 Penn, which officially premieres this Thursday. The sitcom had a sneak preview in December, which did only so-so following The Voice -- which had 13.2 million viewers -- with only 7.2 million, shedding five million viewers. Honestly, the show was pretty terrible, and Pullman was goofy and awkward. Maybe his time on the stage has made him rusty for the screen, or maybe it's time he nix this comeback and hang up his hat for good.

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