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Nov 14, 2012

TV Guide: Favorite Grey's Guest Stars

Kyle Chandler
Episodes: "It's the End of the World" and "As We Know It"

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The Friday Night Lights alum plays a tough-as-nails bomb squad leader who helps evacuate the hospital when a man comes in with a live explosive in his gut. The sometimes-brash Dylan helps Meredith stay calm after she's forced to put her hand inside the man to stabilize the bomb. But after she hands the bomb off to Dylan, he's blown to bits (pink mist) right in front of her. He later appears in Season 3 when Meredith drowns, coaching her in the afterlife to return to the living.

KC Central Note:  He's our absolute  favorite Grey's guest star, bar none!!  Kyle won his first Emmy, a Best Guest Actor win for playing bomb squad leader, Dylan Young, for "It's the End of The World."

Nov 3, 2012

Zero Dark Thirty Wide Release Pushed Back to January 11

Bad news for us fans waiting to see this film.

Wide release date has been pushed back to January 11th, but it will premiere in NY and LA on December 19th ... making it eligible for Academy Awards.