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Jun 30, 2012

Filmmaker360: Kyle Chandler, John Hawkes, Amy Adams Workshop Emerging Director's Script

San Francisco Film Society's Filmmaker360 "Off the Page" Program Provides Emerging Director with Opportunity to Workshop His Script with Actors

Writer/Director Mario de La Vega Develops Script for 'The Undeniable Charm of Sloppy Unruh' with Kyle Chandler, John Hawkes and Amy Ryan

Under the auspices of the San Francisco Film Society’s Filmmaker360 program, the recently launched Off the Page series gave writer/director Mario de la Vega the invaluable opportunity to workshop his script for The Undeniable Charm of Sloppy Unruh—the story of a charming rogue’s homecoming to West Texas—with actors Kyle Chandler, John Hawkes and Amy Ryan, June 19th at the Film Society’s offices at the San Francisco Film Centre.

De la Vega’s script won the screenplay section of the Tribeca All Access Connects program. The project is currently being produced by Bona Fide Productions (Little Miss Sunshine, Election).

“Off the Page is such a gift for a project like Sloppy,” said de la Vega. “The chance for these great actors to be able to come together, get to know each other and actually workshop the script is special. Often movies with limited budgets don’t get this kind of opportunity. The program has been a real boost of momentum for us, and for that I’m extremely grateful to the Film Society.”

Off the Page was an equally valuable experience for the actors who participated:
“This is the way script development should be done.”—Kyle Chandler
“It was an illuminating experience to be able to take a microscope to the script and have the chance to workshop it with Mario and the other actors.”—John Hawkes
“Today was a beautifully creative day in an extremely inspiring setting with good food and good people.”—Amy Ryan,37&pageid=2993

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