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May 19, 2012

Starring Texas: Kyle Chandler

Dennis Quaid goes Vegas, Wes Anderson wows Cannes, Kyle Chandler turns FBI with Scorsese & DiCaprio 

News_Kyle Chandler_Friday Night Lights

... It’s easy to imagine actor Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) as a Texan.  I mean, he was so real as Coach Taylor in the TV series that earned him an Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series last year. His character was the embodiment of a small town high school football coach in the Lone Star State. 

So, though Chandler may not have been born here, I hereby proclaim, with absolutely no authority whatsoever, that he is an Honorary Texan. And he does have more ties to Texas. Chandler’s brother, Brian Chandler, is a Houston attorney. And when I went to Austin to lobby Texas legislators for more film production incentives, there was my Honorary Texan, helping us convince them.

Next up for Kyle Chandler, is a big screen role in The Wolf of Wall Street. His character will be a far cry from down home Coach Taylor. Chandler will play an FBI agent who takes down a shady stockbroker played by Leonardo DiCaprio.  It’s a Martin Scorcese film.

Scorcese?  DiCaprio?  I’d say our coach has scored a career touchdown!

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