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May 11, 2012

Ranking the Best Football Coaches in TV-Film History

1. Coach Eric Taylor in "Friday Night Lights"

The Friday Night Lights franchise was born from true beginnings after H.G. Bissinger's classic novel following the Permian Panthers was published. It took on a fictional life of its own when the television show was created to mirror the original story.

This may be one instance where the fiction is better than the facts, at least when comparing the Hollywood treatment that the book was given, compared to the television series that didn't try to tell the same story that Bissinger already nailed in print.

Relatively unknown actor Kyle Chandler plays such a simple and authentic character in the television show, as do most of the cast, that it is hard not to be sucked into the story. Immediately former players have to look at Coach Taylor and the town of Dillon and wish that they had the chance to play in a town like that and for a coach like that.

The stories may be worked up for drama, but in the end Coach Taylor is one of the truest depictions of a football lifer, who finds success and failure all mixed together on the football field and off of it.


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