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May 3, 2012

'Friday Night Lights' movie news: Connie Britton & Peter Berg talk film plans

friday-night-lights-nbc.jpgClear eyes, full hearts, can't wait for this freaking movie.

"Friday Night Lights"
fans have been hearing buzz about a potential film based on the TV show (which was based on a film which was based on a book) since last summer, and it finally sounds like things are coming together. When executive producer Peter Berg was interviewed for Details Magazine, star Connie Britton stopped by for a chat about the upcoming movie.

"I had a meeting at Jason Katims' office," she reveals. "And we were talking about something else and I said, 'Forget about all that. Is this movie going to happen?' I was sitting on his couch, and he's like, 'Look behind you.' And I look behind me and it's a wall with a big, huge corkboard on it with all these 3x5 cards. That's what these writers do, they do the whole story on 3x5 cards. He's like, 'That's the movie.'"

"We're doing it," adds Berg, promising that Kyle Chandler has also agreed to do the film. He says that the film's central story is based on a scandal involving Coach Mike Leach, a Texas Tech coach who was fired for making a concussed player, Adam James, wait in an equipment closet. Ultimately, it was revealed that Leach had simply asked James to stay out of the sun, as he was concussed.

"Craig James is a f***ing scumbag, helicopter dad," Berg says, "and everything wrong with the culture I observed in Texas. Mike Leach never put that kid in a closet. The kid admitted it. It was a total lie. Now Mike Leach has the Washington State University job and he's got carte blanche. It's a great comeback story."

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