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Dec 29, 2011

TV Guide: 25 Top Episodes of 2011

Friday Night Lights

1. "Always," Friday Night Lights
As Friday Night Lights stepped into TV's white light, we held our collective breath, tears at the ready. Would we be able to say goodbye to Dillon with just one box of tissue? In the end, the once-embattled Lions overcame, winning State, and Coach Taylor, who we want to be when we grow up, finally decided that it was, in fact, Tami's turn to pursue her dreams in Philadelphia. Still, when the sun set for the final time in Dillon — and we were crying, "No, don't go!" -- Tim and Billy reminded us that it would be Texas forever for all who had watched FNL's five amazing seasons.

Dec 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

From everyone at Kyle Chandler Central, a very merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Dec 20, 2011

Scoring a Touchdown on TV

An EXCELLENT opinion article on Friday Night Lights' Kyle Chandler, Taylor Kitsch, Buzz Bissinger, and the entire FNLs franchise.


Dec 19, 2011

The Best TV Episode of 2011

#1 of 50 "Always," Friday Night Lights

I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect send-off for this amazing series. Every scene was full of rich, emotional moments. The Lions won State and in a perfect epilogue, we found out what happened to all of the major characters. It was so beautiful that my eyes were far from clear when it was all over.

We agree!!!

Dec 18, 2011

Top 10 TV

‘Friday Night Light’s’ the top show in a year of zombies, TV families, and cliffhangers.

1. “Friday Night Lights” (NBC/DirecTV) » For five seasons, “Friday Night Lights” was both the simplest and most complex show on TV. It felt like real life, and real life is complicated. Sure, it was about football and family, but it treated both with nuance, intelligence and heart. And the on-screen relationship between husband-and-wife Eric (Kyle Chandler) and Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) will go down as one of the most relatable in TV history. “FNL” could have been at the top of any best-of-TV list since 2006, and it was absolutely the best show of 2011. The superb series finale felt like saying goodbye to good friends..

2. “Breaking Bad” (AMC) » This dangerous drama took us along with a good man (Bryan Cranston) whose best intentions have led him to a place so dark he could endanger the life of a child to protect himself and his family.

3. “The Good Wife” (CBS) »This show just keeps getting better. The mix of fascinating legal drama and even more fascinating personal drama is superb.

4. “The Walking Dead” (AMC) » While some complain that Season 2 is too talky, this show really isn’t about zombies eating brains. It’s a drama about people under incredible stress — and the shattering emotional toll it takes.

5. (tie): “The Big Bang Theory” (CBS) and “Modern Family” (ABC) » The former is the best multi-camera comedy on TV; the latter is the best filmed comedy. What matters most is they’re both laugh-out-loud funny.

6. “Downton Abbey” (PBS) » This four-part miniseries was not an adaptation of a great novel — it just felt like one. The period tale of a family struggling to remain noble in the days leading up to WW I was charming and engrossing.

7. “Game of Thrones” (HBO) » This faithful adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s novel created a world filled with a huge cast of characters, complicated politics, sex, violence and some major surprises. It was an amazing ride.

8. “Torchwood: Miracle Day” (Starz): This 10-part series was loaded with cliffhangers and stunning twists from beginning to end. It was about as much fun as you can have watching TV.

9. “Rescue Me” (FX) » This darkly hilarious series signed off on a bit of a hopeful note — which was a bit of a shocker. But Denis Leary’s seven-year, 93-episode examination of a New York firefighter whose life was shattered by 9/11 stands as a masterpiece.

10. “Revenge” (ABC) » OK, this one is a guilty pleasure. But for the first time since the heyday of “Dallas” and “Dynasty,” we have a glitzy prime-time soap about the fabulously rich that’s great fun to watch.

By the way, if a show didn’t make the list, don’t consider that a slam. There were dozens of other shows I considered. Limiting this list to 10 — well, I cheated and made it 11 — was a painful process.

Dec 14, 2011

The Official 2012 SAG Nominations

Top 10 of 2011 Returning Shows

What's Alan Watching?

6. "Friday Night Lights" (DirecTV/NBC)
Even if I'm only counting the six episodes that DirecTV aired from January on, this was still an epic, moving farewell to the people of Dillon, TX (mainly the east side of it, but with cameos from our west side pals throughout). Almost everyone got a happy ending, but with enough bitter to keep the sweet from being overwhelming (I think specifically of what happens to the Lions, and with Tyra and Tim). We were reminded again and again why Eric and Tami Taylor are among the most realistic, compelling married couples in TV history, and in Michael B. Jordan's Vince, we got a latter-day character who wound up as rich and memorable as the kids we met in the first season. Thanks to the DirecTV deal, we got five seasons of "Friday Night Lights" where it otherwise might have ended after that unfortunate second one. And now we have so many great memories from the show that I will remember. Always and always and always.

SAG Awards Nominations: Our Favorite Picks

Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights, Jessica Lange, American Horror Story, Ed Helms,The Office
Kyle Chandler: Do we really have to explain this one? Clear eyes, full hearts, you can't lose Coach Taylor! Except that this category is full of crazy-talented actors: Bryan Cranston, Michael C. Hall, and let's not forget last year's winner, Steve Buscemi. But the biggest surprise in this category? That's No. 3 on our list.

2012 SAG Nomations Announced Today

Guess who got a much deserved 2012 SAG nomination? :)

Outstanding Performance By A Male Actor In A Drama Series
Patrick J. Adams, Suits
Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
Bryan Cranston, Breaking Bad
Michael C. Hall, Dexter

Dec 13, 2011

Naughty and Nice in Television

Nice: Friday Night Lights -- Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.

• Friday Night Lights’ farewell: There are few moments when a fondly realized series’ farewell occasions feelings of sorrow and reflection. Friday Night Lights ended with a hush, but also with an unrestrained joy and hope for a better future. Think of all the series finales you’ve seen that disappointed you. Then look back on Friday Night Lights’ farewell, with Connie Britton and Emmy winner Kyle Chandler’s Tami and Eric Taylor facing new jobs, new careers and new lives in the big city, after saying their goodbyes and making peace with their small-town rural roots. Friday Night Lights, winner of the 2007 Peabody Award and 2009 and 2011 Humanitas Prize, was always going to be one of television’s most elegant, distinctive family dramas. That it ended on such a dignified, restrained note is only fitting. Fare thee well.

The Twelve Days of Tube-Mas: 11 Best Shows of 2011

Amy Poehler, Bryan Cranston, Emilia Clarke, Kyle Chandler

3. Friday Night Lights

Even though Friday Night Lights was, ostensibly, a show about high school football, the heart of the series never had much to do with touchdowns and tackles. No, Friday Night Lights was always about the people of Dillon, Texas; people who struggled to define themselves and to find their place in the world. It was about people you knew, people you used to be, and — in the case of the inspirational but always so very human Coach Taylor — people you hoped to become. Friday Night Lights bowed out in July, but its legacy as one of TV's greatest shows will certainly live on.

Dec 10, 2011

2011 GQ Men of the Year: Coach: Kyle Chandler

For article by Buzz Bissinger, author of 'Friday Night Lights', and gorgeous GQ pictures of Kyle, click here:

The 5 Dudes With Whom It's Most Acceptable for Furiously Straight Men to Have a Man Crush

Kyle Chandler: There’s a caveat to the Kyle Chandler man crush, and it is this: It’s only acceptable to have a real man crush on Kyle Chandler if you’re a father. Because that’s the real appeal of Chandler: He has that tough love, heart-of-gold thing going, the perfect husband and Dad. The husband and Dad you want to be. Does he have a winning smile? Of course he does, but THAT IS IRRELEVANT.


Dec 5, 2011

Biggest TV Headlines of 2011

Friday Night Lights Finally Receives Emmy Recognition

Dec 4, 2011

Blue-ray Review: Super 8

Celebrating the DVD release of Super 8, here's a really nice review of Kyle's performance:

We concur.