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Sep 21, 2011

Nice Guys Do Finish First on Occasion

Nice guys do finish first.

I was happy to “see” Kyle Chandler win a “best actor Emmy”. Chandler won the award for his portrayal of high school football coach Eric Taylor in the NBC series Friday Night Lights. The series ended its five year run this season.

Chandler’s win was impressive in that he was a bit of an underdog, or so I’m told. Apparently, the conventional wisdom had it that while Chandler was the sentimental favorite, he probably wouldn’t get it.

I’ll admit I didn’t actually “see” Chandler’s win, because I was busy trying to rally the Falcons to a win over the Eagles Sunday night.

I saw the news about Chandler’s win a little later. It’s all football related, after all.

I was happy with both wins. In fact, all my teams, the Pirates, the Dawgs, the Falcons and Chandler, won over the weekend.

Chandler was raised in Loganville and graduated from the University of Georgia. His previous big TV role was starring as Gary Hobson in CBS’s Early Edition (1996-2000). I enjoyed that one, too. You know, that was the one where Hobson received tomorrow’s newspaper today. When he was little, my nephew would often roll up a newspaper and say he was “Gary Hobson”, off to save the day. I’ve often wondered what I would do if I got a copy of next week’s edition this week. (Hey, I work for a weekly, after all).

I often thought that show had an underlying, faith-based sentiment to it, although it never really said so.

Chandler was superb on Friday Night Lights. He had an extremely realistic connection with his on-screen wife, Tami Taylor, played by Connie Britton. In one of the disappointments of the night, Britton did not get the best actress Emmy. She certainly should have.

Taylor was stern at times but you could tell he truly cared about his kids. He always knew how to do that “stare” that adults, particularly parents, sometimes do to get their kids’ attention.

The show also won a writing Emmy, which was well-deserved.

The writers developed and used techniques that make the people on the screen seem real, their struggles and triumphs just like your own. Friday Night Lights could have been set anywhere they play football, including right here.

I’m glad to see the show win well-deserved accolades, but sad it’s over.

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!”

In fact, sometimes they win Emmys.

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