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Sep 17, 2011

Happy Birthday, Kyle Chandler

Kyle, from all of us at Kyle Chandler Central, here's wishing you the happiest birthday ever!

And to start your coming year off right, here are 4 'Virtual ' Emmys from your fans who wholeheartedly believe that Friday Night Lights should (and very well could) win in all 4 of its nominated categories. Your layered, honest portrayal of Coach Eric Taylor over the past 5 seasons provided us with some of the finest moments of entertainment in television history. Within each episode, you made us open our hearts and feel something, often without uttering so much as a single word. You are such a gifted actor and deserve the Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series. By bestowing you these 'Virtual' Emmys on your birthday, in our eyes ... you've already won.

We are so proud of what you do, on and off screen. It's an honor to be your fans, and we look forward to supporting and promoting your future projects.

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  1. Kyle!! We're very proud of you. God bless and have fun this weekend.