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Sep 19, 2011

FNLs Cast Talks Reuniion, Movie Update

Emmy winner Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Zach Gilford, Matt Lauria and more tell THR about the cast's Emmy party at Dillon's in Hollywood.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, two Emmys.

The cast of Friday Night Lights had one eye on the past and another on the future over Emmy weekend as they gathered for a cast reunion at the aptly named Dillon’s in Hollywood.

Best actress in a drama nominee Connie Britton told The Hollywood Reporter on the Emmy red carpet Sunday that the idea to put together a cast reunion came from the top.

“[Producers] Sarah Aubrey, Pete Berg and I were talking about doing a party and getting everybody together,” Britton said. “Then Kyle Chandler called me one day from Austin and says, ‘We gotta get all these people who aren’t going to be able to come to the Emmys together and stay out drinking all night and celebrate it.’

“Then it just so happened that Sarah found Dillon’s pub, which couldn’t have been more perfect,” she said.

As for who was there: Co-star Matt Lauria says it was a full house with cast and crew: Kyle Chandler, Britton, Berg, Aubrey, Lamarcus Tinker (Tinker), Michael B. Jordan (Vince), Brad Leland (Buddy), Jeff Rosick (Buddy Jr.), Aimee Teegarden (Julie), Stacey Oristano (Mindy), Derek Phillips (Billy), Jurnee Smollett (Jess) and more, with some cast members pitching ideas for the talked-about Friday Night Lights movie.

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