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Sep 20, 2011

Burning Emmy Questions: Kyle Chandler's Lost Speech, Comedy Actress Pageantry and More!

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards are history, but, as per usual, the three-hour ceremony left us with more than a few burning questions. Here’s the scoop on some of the evening’s biggest mysteries.

After accepting his trophy for Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series, Friday Night Lights champ Kyle Chandler raced back to the mic, but his audio had already been cut off. What did he say?

“I was thanking my TV wife, Connie Britton,” Chandler told TVLine at the Governors Ball later that night. “It takes two to dance, and she was the other partner. I also thanked my [real-life] wife and my children.”

Will FNL‘s big night at the Emmys boost the chances of the feature film getting made?

“Absolutely, I think it could help,” said exec producer Jason Katims shortly after scoring gold for penning the show’s series finale. “To me, the thing that was most moving about tonight was just hearing the audience’s response [to the wins]. It tells me people are still passionate about the show and, even though it’ll take us a little while to get a movie out, they will still remember it. I would really love to do it. And I know [fellow exec producer] Peter Berg would love to do it.” Katims added that he’s currently “breaking the story” for the movie. “I’m back in the world of Dillon, Texas,” he said. “But until I have an actual script, nothing can happen.”

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