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Sep 17, 2011

2011 Emmys: Will and Should Wins

Outstanding Actor, Drama

Should Win: Jon Hamm
Will Win: Kyle Chandler

This category belongs to one of two actors in my mind-- Jon Hamm or Kyle Chandler. Hamm is phenomenal in his submitted episode, "The Suitcase," with a range that travels from bitter old man to vulnerable puppy. We see him cry -- Don Draper emotes. This puts the viewer in an odd position. It's similar to watching your dad cry for the first time -- you're not sure what to do, but it's overwhelming to witness. Hamm is a hard act to follow, but Chandler makes a good case for himself in "Friday Night Lights." As the strong-willed Coach Taylor, his range is more subtle, but he runs the gamut from compassion to pure anger all in the flicker of an eye. Plus, as this is the last chance for "Friday Night Lights" to ever be recognized, a win either here or in the Best Drama category would be both appropriate and well-deserved. This doesn't change the fact that I went into this thinking Jon Hamm should win -- I still do. But more and more, the sentimental value of a Kyle Chandler win is appealing. My mind is telling me no, but my heart is saying this is where the Emmys will surprise us.

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