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Aug 25, 2011

Casting Bits: Kyle Chandler in "Argo"

2011 by Russ Fischer

It’s not a stretch, I think, to call this the ‘fan-favorite actors’ edition of casting bits. Kyle Chandler, Alexander Skarsgård and Rob Corddry all fall into that catergory, I’d say. So after the break, you’ll find:

  • Kyle Chandler joins Ben Affleck’s Argo,
  • Rob Corddry looks set for zombification in Warm Bodies,
  • and Michael Nyqvist & Alexander Skarsgård are among the crew joining the ‘modern communication’ indie story Disconnect.

This first one is a small note, but I think it’s the first we’ve heard of it: Kyle Chandler from Friday Night Lights and Super 8 has “a small part” in Argo, the film that Ben Affleck is about to direct. That’s per USA Today, which has a feature on the actor’s career. No more details, sadly, but given that Argo already boasts Affleck, Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Alan Arkin and Scoot McNairy, things are looking pretty good.

(To refresh: Argo is based on the true story of a CIA crew that attempted to extract diplomat hostigaes from Tehran during the 1979 Iranian hostage crisis. They did this by posing as a crew setting up a big sci-fi film to shoot in Iran. “Stranger than fiction,” and all that.)

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