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Jul 8, 2011

Mathematical Proof That FNLs' Eric Taylor is the Best Football Coach in History

Mathematical Proof That  Friday Night Lights ' Eric Taylor is the Best Football Coach in History

Ed. note: The stats in this story reflect all of the show's 73 episodes, two of which haven't yet aired on NBC. If you have an amazing memory and recall how many games over the five-season run have been won by a seven-point margin, you'll know how the series finale turns out near the end of the episode. Otherwise, read on.

We all know that Eric Taylor is a fine head coach. He gives better speeches than any coach in history, real or fictional. (Extended side note: Vince Lombardi did not coin "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." That line is famous because of a 1953 John Wayne movie called Trouble All the Way, and it wasn't even Duke who said it. And while Hoosiers's Norman Dale did, yes, give a damn fine one, Coach Taylor puts out eloquent, inspirational, fist-pumping rousers pretty much every week. I write for a living and don't think I can do that.)

...Not to mention the fact that in football in the real world, there's a massive conflict between some people's amateur sports ideals and reality. Taylor has dealt with all kinds of thorny issues during his tenure in Texas. Yet somehow he maintains integrity that's almost as pure as the driven snow, every year. He's a molder of men, dammit. If it weren't for the couple of vaguely shady tactics he's used—not reporting Smash's steroid use, and keeping deliberately ignorant of the vacant lot used for recruiting while he was at Dillon—his character would be even less realistic than his gaudy clutch percentage. Check out this link for Taylor's stats:

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