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Jul 28, 2011

Very Deep in America

A review of 'Friday Night Lights,' both the television series and the movie ... by Lorrie Moore:

Jul 27, 2011

Farewell, Friday Night Lights

Or how "Vic Fleming, a district court judge in Little Rock, Ark., where he also teaches at the William H. Bowen School of Law" became a late fan of Friday Night Lights after seeing seasons 1 - 4 on Netflix. Vote the show, Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and Jason Katims their Emmys.

FNLs Star, Kyle Chandler, Choosing Roles Carefully

Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler has admitted that he is choosing his roles carefully following the end of Friday Night Lights.

Chandler, who starred in the series as Eric Taylor, denied reports that he has been offered a number of pilots but turned them all down.

However, the Emmy-nominated actor confessed that he is thinking very carefully about the shows that are being proposed to him.

"I've looked closely at what the next project will be," he told TV Line. "You kind of have to. FNL went for five years. I certainly know enough now that if you're going to climb into bed with one of these television shows and it becomes successful, you're there for a while."

Chandler added that he does not always have to think too carefully when he is offered a project, saying: "When you've got [Friday Night Lights executive producer] Peter Berg and other folks putting this thing together it's a little bit easier. You knew you had quality people you were signing up with.

"I just did Super 8. I didn't even see the script, but it's quite obvious that's pretty easy to do. So I am very considerate of what it is I do next. I listen to my gut, for sure."

Chandler was recently rumored to be in talks for the lead role in FX's new pilot Powers, although Jason Patric was later said to be in negotiations for the part.

Connie Britton, who played Chandler's on-screen wife on Friday Night Lights, has already joined the cast of FX's new drama American Horror Story, which will premiere on October 5.

Jul 21, 2011

My First Job: Kyle Chandler on Shoveling Hay

Everett, Kyle Chandler in “King Kong”

Kyle Chandler has been around farms for most of his life. Born in Buffalo, New York and raised in Loganville, Georgia, Chandler, his three siblings and his parents lived on their family-owned farms in both locations. Which explains why Chandler, who recently ended his run on the critically-acclaimed show “Friday Night Lights,” began his working life one afternoon on a neighbor’s farm.

“I was down in Georgia and a friend of mine who lived about four miles from me, well it was summertime and they didn’t own the land they lived on, they were taking care of it and raising cattle and cutting hay and what have you. Randy, Mr. Brownly, who owned the property and a lot of properties in the area said that if we wanted to come over and load hay up into the barn that he would pay us. So we thought, ‘Hell, that’s a great idea,’” Chandler recalled.

As a 13-year-old boy, Chandler didn’t settle the terms of payment before he began the work.

“So we went over there, and I think we worked probably 12 hours stacking hay in the top of a barn, in a rather warm barn and at the end of the day we were all excited to get paid. He gave us five dollars each! And that was a big lesson. Even at that young of an age, every expletive that I ever learned from my father when he hit his head on the hood vent of the stove came streaming out of our mouths when we walked, every single word.”

But all wasn’t lost. The 45-year-old actor, the co-star of the movie “Super 8,” says he took away a very important lesson, one he adheres to today. “Look at the contract first.”

Jul 18, 2011

FNLs: Becoming a Better Person, A Better Man

Wow! Another FANTASTIC article on Friday Night Lights, from Grantland:

Spoiler Chat With Kristin

Heidi: I can't wait for Blue Bloods to return! Know what's coming up?
We know it's a tough economy, but robbing a bank is never the answer. Especially if things go south and you have to take a hostage and you're a former cop. Bottom line: things get complicated quickly for a former colleague of Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck). But don't worry, it's not all dire. They are looking for a "sympathetic, Kyle Chandler type". Who cares about 20 to life when you are dreamy like him? Swoon. In fact, can all shows start looking for a Kyle Chandler type?

What TV Can Learn from FNLs

Jul 17, 2011

Kyle Chandler in Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights, one of the popular books that took a form of a movie and later a TV Show. Friday Night Lights was a non-fiction book written beautifully in the year 1990 by Bissinger.

Jul 16, 2011

Our 10 Favorite FNLs Moments

We think they've been some of ours, too.

As 'FNLs' Ends, It's Still Texas Forever

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton have chemistry that translates into a realistic TV marriage.

Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton have chemistry that translates into a realistic TV marriage.

July 16, 2011

After five seasons and 76 episodes, viewers said goodbye to Friday Night Lights this week. And though it might be described as just a show about football, it's anything but.

The priorities were set in the very first episode. The star quarterback of the Dillon Panthers, Jason Street, is the all-American hero: He's got a beautiful girlfriend, a bright future and a humbleness about him.

In the season's first game, though, he makes a tackle and crashes to the turf, paralyzed.

The show's creator, Peter Berg, witnessed a similar accident while filming a Texas high school football playoff game. David Edwards, 15, collided with a receiver and became an instant quadriplegic.

"It put the entire football experience in perspective," Berg tells Guy Raz, host of weekends on All Things Considered. "It put me in a pretty serious mode to tackle the series and became more than just a piece of entertainment for me at that point."

The Coaching Search

Storylines of tragedy, relationships and growing up are what really elevate the show.

In the center of all the drama is the character of Coach Eric Taylor. Played by Kyle Chandler, he's a direct, tough-loving guy.

"He was and is the heart of Friday Night Lights," Berg says.

Eric Taylor is both coach and mentor to football star Vince Howard (Michael B. Jordan).

Eric Taylor is both coach and mentor to football star Vince Howard (Michael B. Jordan).

But Berg initially didn't think Chandler was right for the role. He thought Chandler, who at the time was best known for the 1990s' series, Early Edition, was too young, too clean-cut.

"There's a real rugged intensity to these football coaches," Berg says, and he didn't see that quality in Chandler until the two meet in person. Chandler was hungover after a night of drinking and playing poker with some buddies.

Berg thought he look perfect.

"I said, 'You should play this role, but you should play poker and drink every night before you work,'" he says.

A Marriage Of Equals

Berg says that from the moment they met, Chandler had incredible chemistry with his co-star, Connie Britton, who plays his wife, Tami.

Their compatibility made them what some critics describe as the most believable married couple on television.

Peter Berg is the executive producer and creator of Friday Night Lights. He is also an actor, writer and director.

Peter Berg is the executive producer and creator of Friday Night Lights. He is also an actor, writer and director.

"That marriage became one of the dominant experiences of Friday Night Lights," says Berg, "and we never saw that coming."

Berg says his favorite moment between the two is near the end of the first season. They're out on a hotel balcony the night before the state championship game, and Tami tells her husband she's pregnant.

"There was a bunch of dialogue written, discussing it and debating it," the producer remembers, "and Kyle said, 'Let's just be quiet and see what happens,' and they started laughing and started crying."

For Berg, that moment of a woman announcing her unexpected pregnancy could have been from any TV show. But Chandler and Britton were able to work it into a unique, simple and emotional moment.

"They had a knack for finding these little moments like that," he says.

Clear Eyes, Full Hearts

One of the more memorable parts of Friday Night Lights is the Panthers' slogan. It's written on the locker room wall: Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.

More On 'Friday Night Lights' From NPR:

"I'm proud to say I wrote that slogan," Berg says.

The motto was inspired by Berg's visits to high school football locker rooms, where coaches asked the players to look each other in the eyes before a game, making a commitment to protect one another on the field.

"The idea of living your life with that kind of clarity of purpose was something that kind of rubbed off on me," Berg says.

Friday Night Lights was never a commercial success. It was pitted against monster hits like Dancing With the Stars and American Idol. And the Hollywood writers' strike cut short its second season.

But the story has come a long way. It started with a book of the same title by H.G. "Buzz" Bissinger, then became a movie and finally a TV series.

And it might not be all over quite yet.

Berg hints there's been discussion about keeping the show alive in some way, but won't say exactly how.

"I don't want to tip any hands," he says, "but I will say this, it might not be the end of Friday Night Lights as people know it right now."

The 63rd Primetime Emmy Nominations: That Show’s Still On?

The 2011 Emmy nominations were announced at the crack of dawn Thursday, causing television fans across the blogosphere to launch into a parade of equal celebration and protest surely to last throughout the summer until the envelopes are opened September 18. The inclusion of formerly ignored shows and actors among the list of this year’s nods matched the amount of gaping snubs for fan favorites, leaving the perennial recognition of awards veterans to go all but unnoticed (sorry, Alec). Here’s a look at the good, the bad, and the WTF for all things Emmy this year’s major categories have to offer.

Boardwalk Empire
The Good Wife
Mad Men
Friday Night Lights
Game of Thrones

Viewers living vicariously in Westeros are no doubt thrilled to see HBO’s fantasy smash Game of Thrones on the Outstanding Drama list, but the heartstring-tugging, long overdue appearance of Friday Night Lights is perhaps the most sentimental nod for this category in recent memory. While Mad Men’s reliably stellar season could garner it a fourth consecutive statue and Boardwalk’s Golden Globe win gives the Prohibition crime saga a slight edge, the always morbidly fantastic Dexter sadly never stands a chance and The Good Wife is likely a bridesmaid at this year’s awards. It may be a long shot, but as Coach Taylor would say, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.”

Steve Buscemi (Boardwalk Empire)
Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights)
Jon Hamm (Mad Men)
Hugh Laurie (House)
Timothy Olyphant (Justified)

Hugh Laurie’s ingenious portrayal of the now-iconic misanthropic doc has never snagged him an Emmy, but this year’s ho-hum season of Huddy-filled House isn’t likely to break his losing streak. The absence of three-peat winner Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad didn’t air new episodes this year, making it ineligible for Emmy consideration) gave room for the welcome inclusion of Timothy Olyphant as Justified’s rogue cowboy cop. Again, Jon Hamm and everything Mad Men are nearly synonymous with the name Emmy by now, but Kyle Chandler proves a dark horse for his stellar work on Friday Night Lights’ final season. Buscemi and Hall? They’ll always have next year.

Kathy Bates (Harry’s Law)
Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights)
Mireille Enos (The Killing)
Mariska Hargitay (Law and Order: SVU)
Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife)
Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men)

While the omission of Mad Men’s January Jones has been met with little protest (or even acknowledgement, for that matter), the outrageous neglect of Sons of Anarchy’s Golden Globe-winning Katey Sagal has plenty of fans ready to go gangbusters on the Television Academy of Arts and Sciences. Despite Harry’s Law being neither a drama nor a good show, the great Kathy Bates snuck in on her thespian pedigree alone. Although Mariska Hargitay lacks an Oscar on her mantel, her closetful of Emmys makes her presence on the list of nominations as expected as the sunrise. Yawn. Here’s rooting for Britton, Moss or Margulies, all of whom portray strong, complex female characters with the unwavering conviction Emmy voters and viewers drool over. Unfortunately for Mireille Enos, the rapid decline in The Killing’s credibility after a shaggy dog season all but hammers the nail in her Emmy coffin.

Jul 15, 2011

A Love Letter to Friday Night Lights

Dear anyone who has ever been involved in the production of Friday Night Lights:

News of a New FNLs Movie?

Friday Night Lights may be coming to a theater near you — again.

Executive Producer Peter Berg, who directed the original film on which the NBC series is based, confirms to that he is developing a Friday Night Lights movie. A man of few words, Berg merely states, "I am," when asked if he's developing the film to continue the story of Coach and Tami Taylor (Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, respectively).

News of a possible film came out on Thursday when editor in chief Bill Simmons tweeted, "Peter Berg told us he wants to do an FNL movie with Chandler/Britton off the final episode."

Friday Night Lights' Jason Katims on Emmy Noms "Touchdown," How the Finale Came Together

Friday Night Lights, which airs its series finale Friday on NBC, was adapted for television from the 2004 movie that starred Billy Bob Thornton and Britton, who reprised her role opposite Chandler when the series came to TV in 2006. The critically acclaimed series also received four Emmy nominations Thursday, including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Lead Actor and Actress in a Drama for Chandler and Britton.

Universal Pictures, which had produced the original movie, says, "We do not currently have a FNL movie in development." So maybe they have no current plans, but we're hoping that will change soon.

Would you head to the theaters for another Friday Night Lights movie?

Good Night, Sweet Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

A wonderful, cultural recap of FNLs:

FNLs Actors Reflect on the Series

12 Most Shocking Emmy Nominations

'Friday Night Lights'

"Friday Night Lights" fans can finally rejoice as Emmy sends the much-loved series off into the sunset with a nomination for Best Drama Series. When it first premiered five years ago on NBC, fans and critics hailed the drama as one of the best on television, but it was routinely snubbed by television's top awards show. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton were invited to the party last year in the Lead races (and they return again this year), but today's nomination for the series itself is the ultimate touchdown.

New Kyle Chandler Interview

Kyle Chandler on Leaving the Gridiron Behind:

Entertainment Weekly: FNLs Farewell

Here's a sweet goodbye from EW, who has constantly supported the show.

BEWARE: It's rife with spoilers.

Michael B. Jordan Interview

Michael B. Jordan talks about his time on Friday Night lights, including what it was like to work with veteran actor, Kyle Chandler.,59000/

In honor of tonight...

Here's a blog post I wrote after my final filming of Friday Night Lights. I was truly blessed to be a part of this show and I'll never forget it!

Kyle Chandler/Connie Britton Interview

As the clock runs down, the Taylors look back on 'Friday Not Lights.'

Dillon, Best Fake Place in Texas

WARNING: Spoilers for tonight's Emmy nominated, series finale airing tonight on NBC.

One reporter's experience at the filming of one of the final scenes of Friday Night Lights:

Kyle Chandler on Playing Coach

Kyle Chandler (right) played Coach Eric Taylor in the NBC/DirecTV drama.
Kyle Chandler (right) plays Coach Eric Taylor in the NBC/DirecTV drama.

NOTE: To honor the finale of FNLs and yesterday's Emmy nominations, today, NPR is rebroadcasting of FNLs interviews. For audio inteview with Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, and more ... click on the NPR links below:

This interview was originally broadcast on April 21, 2008. Friday Night Lights will end its five-season run on Friday July 15, 2011 on NBC at 8 p.m. ET.

Kyle Chandler plays Coach Eric Taylor on Friday Night Lights, the NBC series about the big drama of small-town Texas high-school football.

A drama graduate of the University of Georgia, Chandler earned an Emmy nomination for his guest performances on the TV medical drama Grey's Anatomy. He also co-starred with Jamie Foxx in the 2007 action film The Kingdom.

Emmy Nods for FNLs

A very nice Ode to Friday Night Lights:

FNLs Gets Some Love

I have refused writing about the Emmy Awards for the past few years due to the lack of love shown for what is arguably the most well crafted, best acted show on television. Not to dismiss the writing–the writing is in a bit of a different league–much more the league of independent feature film than one-hour TV drama.

Friday Night Lights.

The “little” show with a big heart … it was too good to bury prematurely, and found additional life through DirectTV, as well as NBC when the loyal fan base ineligible for watching via dish simply stated, “We gotta have our Friday Night Lights!” Honestly–it is the only thing NBC has done well in the past 5 years. The series concludes this Friday on NBC.

Friday Night Lights racked up a few Emmy nominations including Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series for Connie Britton, Outstanding Actor in a Drama Series for Kyle Chandler and Jason Katims received a much deserved nod for writing in a Drama Series. I was really hoping, in a long-shot, that Brad Leland might also get a supporting actor nod for his 5-season portrayal of the charismatic Buddy Garrity, but I should probably just shut my superfan mouth and take the four offered.

TV Guide: Jason Katims Interview

Friday Night Lights

BEWARE: Spoilers galore, but great insight into the writing of tonight's Emmy nominated, series finale episode, "Always," penned by Jason Katims.

FNLs Comes to a Thrilling Conclusion

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll pray.

You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll pray.

Friday Night Lights, one of the best TV series ever, comes to a close with a special 90-minute episode (Friday, 7/8 p.m., NBC). As you'd expect, the Texas air is charged with drama. The East Dillon high school football team prepares for the state championship game – the last one ever for the Lions, as the program is being merged with West Dillon's. Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) has been offered a dream contract as the head of the combined teams, but his wife, Tami (Connie Britton), has also received a dream job offer from a Philadelphia college.

Whose dream will come true? And what will happen with lovebirds Matt (Zach Gilford) and Julie (Aimee Teegarden)? With troubled quarterback Vince (Michael B. Jordan) and his overbearing father (Cress Williams)? And with all the other characters who've become family to us?

Well, I'd love to tell you everything, but the bylaws of the TV Critics Association prevent me from indulging my almost unbearable desire to blab about the final plot twists. On the other hand, I don't think I'm giving anything away by saying that you will laugh, cry, hold your breath, and pray for an East Dillon championship. (Must not reveal outcome. Must not reveal outcome.) You will also be inconsolable as Friday Night Lights fades into the sunset.

I'll let team manager Jess (Jurnee Smollett) have the last word: "Being part of the Lions has been the greatest experience of my life." Amen.

Farewell to NBC's Friday Night Lights

Take a deep breath. Goodbyes can be so difficult. What will we do without the residents of Dillon, Texas, after five wonderful years? First off, congratulations to first time Emmy nominated...

'Friday Night Lights'

Take a deep breath. Goodbyes can be so difficult. What will we do without the residents of Dillon, Texas, after five wonderful years? First off, congratulations to the cast and crew for its four Emmy nods on Thursday (and Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton in particular). Then, thanks to producers, writers and directors, who helped translate the book and movie to television. And finally, it's best just to sit back and enjoy these characters and place, one last time. Sigh. Series finale, 8 p.m. Friday on NBC.

Jul 14, 2011

It's Lights Out, After Tonight, For FNLs

A beautiful tribute to Friday Night Lights and to the actors who brought this show to life and made us care.

Associated Press: Emmy Nominations

There, now it is super, duper official:

2011 Emmy Noms: Instant Reactions

Some first-look notes on today's Emmy nominations:

--In its fifth and final season, critcally beloved "Friday Night Lights" gets its first drama series nom — a rare breakthough for a series that old. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton paved the way with their lead acting noms in 2010, which were repeated this year.

'Lights' Will Always Shine Brightly

In the past five years, I’ve received more reader e-mail on “Friday Night Lights’’ than on any other TV show I’ve written about for the Globe. The “American Idol’’ fanatics, the “In Treatment’’ freaks, the “Real Housewives’’ junkies, and the “Mad Men’’ yay-and-naysayers have all made themselves quite known, to be sure; but the “Friday Night Lights’’ zealots have definitely been the most steadfast. They’re among the most attached, passionate, and emphatic of all TV watchers.

Read more ...

Nomination Reaction: Kyle Chandler

When asked if he was more excited about the first drama series nomination for "Friday Night Lights" than his second lead actor nomination, Kyle Chandler joked, "No, it's all about me."

But clearly, he was pleased that the long-beloved (if little-watched) series, which needed a deal from DirecTV and NBC to survive its final three seasons, finally got recognition.

"The show ended so strong," Chandler said. "It's so nice to be able to walk away from 'Friday Night Lights' knowing that the last episode is as strong as the first one."

"It's all about the crew, and it's all about the cast as a whole and all about the work that everyone put in together. You just can't beat it."

Chandler's favorite memory from the final season reflected this.

"Connie (Britton) and I were doing a scene in a restaurant with (Aimee Teegarden)," Chandler said. "And the final shot of the day, and if I'm not mistaken, it was our final shot period, was outside the restaurant in the parking lot. We had shot everything inside, and when we came outside, the whole crew was standing there ... and there was not a dry eye in the house. It was a cool evening in Austin, and that was one of the most wonderful moments in the show."

Kyle Chandler on his Nomination for FNLs

Speakeasy caught up with Kyle Chandler this afternoon to talk about his lead actor in a drama nomination for “Friday Night Lights,” a series that will live on as it transitions to ESPN Classics. (You can read a full list of nominees here.) Chandler plays Coach Eric Taylor, the high school football coach for the East Dillon Lions. He has a knack for inspirational speeches and exceptional one-liners. (See: Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose). The 46-year-old actor was nominated for the same role last year, and took home an Emmy in 2006 for his guest appearance as Dylan Young on Grey’s Anatomy.

The Wall Street Journal: How do you shake a character you’ve lived with for so long?

It’s not the character that’s hard to shake it’s the people that you live with for five years. That’s the hard part, that family. It’s almost like you are in high school and you are with your family and its time to go off to college or time to go get a job and jump out into the real world again. That’s the hardest part of the whole process of doing a television show that lasts for more than a few years.

Do you think that the show has gotten the recognition it deserves?

Well, I mean we just got nominated for an Emmy, so I’d say yeah. We are still all friends and that wont change. That’s the thing about this whole damn Emmy nomination, for the show to get recognized it’s all those people and its so, gosh, it’s just so well deserved and I know I sound hokey and everything but they do deserve it. It’s a really tight knit family. One more reason to get together and get drunk, that’s how I look at it.

Where are you going to go from here?

I’m going to downtown Austin to get a success sandwich which is my sandwich of success ever since I was in “Tour of Duty” when I first started out and that is a bagel, cream cheese, lox, onion tomato and capers on a toasted bun. And that tastes to me with a cup of coffee like success and that’s what I want today.

Do you think “Friday Night Lights” can come back in another form?

I don’t know but I hope if it does that it comes back as a cartoon. I want to do voice overs in a cartoon so bad. I’ve been trying for years. It is a tough business. It would be great if it was a cartoon. I would love that.

Kyle Chandler's Reaction to Emmy Nods: Nice to Leave on a Strong Note

Kyle Chandler

With "Friday Night Lights" going off the air after five seasons, what could be a better send-off than Emmy nominations for the show and each of its two stars? For Kyle Chandler, not much beats that.

Where were you when you heard the news?

I’m in Austin, Texas, and I was outside tossing the ball with the dogs.

That is just perfect.

My wife came out and said, "Guess what, you just got nominated!" I immediately asked, "What about Connie?" She told me that she got one too. Then, she shoved me in the swimming pool.

And the show got a nomination as well!

That’s what’s so great about this whole thing. Having the show nominated is having every single crew member and the writer — everyone as a team — recognized for all their work. This whole experience, the five years of “Friday Night Lights,” has been one of the more memorable experiences of my life. It’s just been such a hell of a ride. All this recognition just warms my heart.

Does this make it seem like the show hasn’t completely ended?

The show's been over in my mind for quite a while. People have asked me if I’m sad the show is gone. The truth is, I’m not happy or sad about it. I’m proud of what we did. The first episode, the pilot, was so incredible. And the very final episode was so incredible. Everything in between was strong. It’s so nice to leave the show on a strong note. That is something that I’m really proud of.

What did you find most challenging about the final season?

The hardest part of last year was the final scene I did with Connie in the restaurant. The end of the scene ends with us going outside. When we walked out, the whole crew — cast, producers, writers, everyone — was outside. Everyone just started clapping. I get chills thinking about that. The whole collective group was together, and it was an amazing moment. That whole feeling, that moment of celebration for our time together — there’s nothing like it.

How do you plan to celebrate?

I’m going into town to get my "Hollywood success sandwich." That’s what I call it. When I was doing [the ‘90s TV series] "Tour of Duty," I would get to the set and get myself a toasted bagel with lox. Put on some tomatoes, cream cheese and some capers. I’d sit there and start shaking. It tasted like success. Maybe I’ll add some onions.

That’s the best answer I’ve heard all morning.

It tastes real good.

Connie mentioned you were gloating because you predicted her nomination.

I talked to her this morning, yeah. I bet she didn’t tell you that she’s so happy because she just likes any excuse to be around me. I told her she was lucky because she’d get to be around me at another award show. And she started crying loudly. I think they were tears of joy -- but it could have just as well been tears of agony.

Tell her she can always get a dose of you on ESPN now that the network is airing “Friday Night Lights.”

I just found that out yesterday! You know, no one else has even told me that. I had to hear about it from my camera guy. But it’s fantastic. The show lives on. And this whole Emmy stuff, it gets all of us together one more time.

10 Reasons Why FNLs is the Best Show Ever Made

  1. The Coach. I don't even know where to begin. If Kyle Chandler doesn't win an Emmy, I am marching from NYC to LA just to punch the voting committee in the face. His hood-eyes, his understated strength, his molding of men ... he's perfect.
  2. Tami and Coach's relationship. Pretty sure I've tried to model my own love life based on theirs. They communicate, they share with and support one another (except for last week! OMG!) and just seem like best friends in love. I'll also miss Tami's sweet rack and beautiful hair. Total girl crush.

Clear Eyes Full Hearts, Couldn't Lose

Here's a link to a fantastic, in-depth oral history of this awesome show on the eve of its series finale, airing tomorrow night on NBC. There are nterviews from just about all of the key principals, including Kyle Chandler. Thanks, AmazingGrace and Maryilee!!!

The sentiment in this article is made even sweeter, after this morning's deserved Emmy nominations.

Quick Thoughts on the Emmy Nominations

"Friday Night Lights" finally got an Emmy nomination as Best Drama just as its last episode gets ready to air Friday on NBC. Goodbye, "Friday Night Lights." Here's your long-overdue Emmy nomination as you leave the field. Yes, just in time for "FNL's" final episode Friday night, one of the greatest dramas on TV finally gets a nomination as Best Drama.

Best Drama: Again, it's so heartening to see "FNL" get recognized here, despite how long it took. The other nominees are great, too: "Boardwalk Empire," "Game of Thrones," "Mad Men" (which leads dramas with 19 nods), "The Good Wife" -- all but "Dexter," which had a decent season, but nowhere near as good as the one "Justified" had.

Best Actor - Drama: With "Breaking Bad" off the air during the eligibility period, Bryan Cranston's streak is over for now. Hopefully, that means Jon Hamm can get some long-overdue love for "Mad Men." Other nominees are Steve Buscemi ("Boardwalk Empire"), the awesome Kyle Chandler ("Friday Night Lights"), Michael C. Hall ("Dexter") and Hugh Laurie ("House").

Best Actress - Drama: Elisabeth Moss is never less than fantastic on "Mad Men," but this season, she really knocked it out of the park, especially with "The Suitcase," an episode that boiled down to an acting duel between her and Hamm. I'd love to see them both win. Other nominees here include Connie Britton ("Friday Night Lights") and Julianna Margulies ("The Good Wife"), plus head-scratchers like Bates, Mireille Enos ("The Killing") and the perennial Mariska Hargitay ("Law and Order: SVU").

Evaluating This Year’s Emmy Nominees: The Pro and Con List

Worthy nominees: (clockwise from upper left) Parks and Recreation, Mad Men, Friday Night Lights, Louie

Pro: Friday Night Lights finally — finally! — got nominated for Outstanding Drama. And Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton were both nominated again, too!

'Glee'! Justin Timberlake! 'Friday Night Lights'! We Name Our Favorite Emmy Nominees

...Over in the drama categories, we were cheering on "Friday Night Lights," which finally got some Emmy love for its last season. The football drama scored with a nomination in the Outstanding Drama Series category, while Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton, who play the lovable Coach and Tami Taylor, both are nominees in the Outstanding Actor and Actress Drama categories, respectively. Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose (we hope!). Of course, they'll have some stiff competition going against MTV Movies Blog fave "Game of Thrones" and other great dramas like "Dexter" and "Mad Men."

Emmy Nominators Do Right by FNLs

You win a few, you lose a few. At the top of the list, in the best drama category, the Emmy nominators righted their most egregious wrong of the last four years and gave a nod to “Friday Night Lights,” which in its fifth and final season was one of the handful of best shows on television — as it has been every season. I won’t hold my breath for an Emmy, but a little recognition was still nice.

The big news here, of course, are HBO’s two nominations — for the mediocre-at-best “Boardwalk Empire” and the very well-made fantasy soap opera “Game of Thrones.” The HBO series that deserved a nomination was “Treme.” I’d have taken “True Blood” again over “Boardwalk Empire.”

And as much as I still enjoy “Dexter,” it probably doesn’t belong here at this point, especially if it’s keeping out something like “Justified,” “In Plain Sight” or “Southland.” Or to be more contrarian, “Fringe” or “Supernatural.” ...

NOTE FROM KC CENTRAL: We respectfully disagree about no chance for a win. If you watch the show, you would know there is always a 'Hail Mary, ' FNLs chance. :)

Video of morning's nominations ...

There was an interruption of the live feed, but not until after FNL's nominations:

And The Nominees Are ...

Boardwalk Empire
Friday Night Lights
Game of Thrones
The Good Wife
Mad Men

Kathy Bates, Harry’s Law
Connie Britton, Friday Night Lights
Mireille Enos, The Killing
Mariska Hargitay, Law & Order: SVU
Julianna Margulies, The Good Wife
Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men

Steve Buscemi, Boardwalk Empire
Kyle Chandler, Friday Night Lights
Michael C. Hall, Dexter
Jon Hamm, Mad Men
Hugh Laurie, House
Timothy Olyphant, Justified

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To Kyle, Connie, AND FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS for their 2011 Emmy nominations today at!

From everyone here at Kyle Chandler Central ... we are so happy for everyone involved with this wonderful show! And a special shout out to one of the biggest heroes of this story, DirectTV. :)

Well done!!!! Here is the complete nominations list:

Jul 13, 2011

Take Two: Lights Sadly Go Out Friday Night

...Sometimes, Coach Eric Taylor’s team loses. The quarterback doesn’t always get the girl.

Inspired by Buzz Bissinger’s 1990 literary classic on Texas high school football and the ensuing film by the same title, the best part of “FNL” is Kyle Chandler’s portrayal of Taylor. Chandler delivers brilliantly simple pregame speeches but is at his best navigating through the realities of home, sharing the screen with the equally fantastic Connie Britton, who plays wife Tami Taylor.

As a coach, though, Chandler is so convincing, so compassionate, so inspiring in his role, I’m convinced he could lead the worst high school or college team to a .500 record on charisma and toughness alone. Put it this way: I’d take Chandler and a copy of “Coaching Football for Dummies” over Ron Prince or Bill Callahan any day...

FNL Series Finale - Trailer

Jul 10, 2011

As we all know.....

Emmy nods are to be announced this week. I was thinking on the outside chance that Kyle would read this blog, it would be nice to leave words of encouragement for him. So feel to post your best wishes in the replies. Let's show the man some love from Kyle Chandler Central!!

Julie Hinds: 9 Ways to Fix the Tired Old Emmys Telecast

The stars of NBC's "Friday Night Lights," from left: Madison Burge, Zach Gilford, Jurnee Smollett, Michael B. Jordan, Aimee Teegarden, Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton.

2. Give generously to "Friday Night Lights":
The finest series ever snubbed by the Emmys has its final episode Friday. But it still has this year to receive the recognition it so richly deserves. How about this? Just hand out the gold to the NBC show for best drama, Kyle Chandler for best actor, Connie Britton for best actress and Michael B. Jordan for best supporting actor and call it even.|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

Jul 8, 2011

Series Finale Airs July 15 on NBC

Friday Night Lights series finale will air July 15. The series began back in 2006.
Series finale Friday Night Lights series finale will air July 15. The series began back in 2006.

Friday, July 15

Grab a hankie: it’s time for a final trip to the dusty Texas small town of Dillon with tonight’s Friday Night Lights series finale. And there’s plenty to wrap up with the last episode: the Taylors are facing several potential life changes, Julie’s future plans serve as a shock, and, oh yeah, the Lions are going to State. (NBC)

FNL Favorite Character Tournament

To celebrate the launch of a new FNL Companion book available at, this site is sponsoring a week-long FNL Favorite Character Tournament:

If Coach T is your favorite character as he is ours, go and vote, tweet, FB, and spread the word!! Contest starts Monday.

Thank you, Maryilee!!!!

Friday Night Lights Will Live On!!


"Friday Night Lights" may be wrapping up its critically acclaimed run on NBC and DirecTV on July 12, but Texas football will live on, thanks to ESPN.

ESPN will air the entire series with episodes set to premiere on the same day the show goes off the air. Episodes one and two from season one will air back-to-back in primetime on ESPN at 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. ET.

The ESPN family will flood the zone with "Friday Night Lights" coverage, offering up a Season 1 marathon on July 14 and 15 on ESPN Classic. Though the show will premiere on ESPN, Classic will become the home for the show starting on July 21. It will air every Thursday night at 9 p.m. and 10 p.m. ET.

"We were attracted to it because the quality of the show is so strong and it has such a passionate and loyal following," Connor Schell, vice president and executive producer, ESPN Films and ESPN Classic, told TheWrap.

Thank you, AmazingGrace!!!

Mathematical Proof That FNLs' Eric Taylor is the Best Football Coach in History

Mathematical Proof That  Friday Night Lights ' Eric Taylor is the Best Football Coach in History

Ed. note: The stats in this story reflect all of the show's 73 episodes, two of which haven't yet aired on NBC. If you have an amazing memory and recall how many games over the five-season run have been won by a seven-point margin, you'll know how the series finale turns out near the end of the episode. Otherwise, read on.

We all know that Eric Taylor is a fine head coach. He gives better speeches than any coach in history, real or fictional. (Extended side note: Vince Lombardi did not coin "winning isn't everything, it's the only thing." That line is famous because of a 1953 John Wayne movie called Trouble All the Way, and it wasn't even Duke who said it. And while Hoosiers's Norman Dale did, yes, give a damn fine one, Coach Taylor puts out eloquent, inspirational, fist-pumping rousers pretty much every week. I write for a living and don't think I can do that.)

...Not to mention the fact that in football in the real world, there's a massive conflict between some people's amateur sports ideals and reality. Taylor has dealt with all kinds of thorny issues during his tenure in Texas. Yet somehow he maintains integrity that's almost as pure as the driven snow, every year. He's a molder of men, dammit. If it weren't for the couple of vaguely shady tactics he's used—not reporting Smash's steroid use, and keeping deliberately ignorant of the vacant lot used for recruiting while he was at Dillon—his character would be even less realistic than his gaudy clutch percentage. Check out this link for Taylor's stats:

Jul 7, 2011

12 Stars Shockingly Overdue for Emmys

Kyle Chandler, "Friday Night Lights"
Kyle Chandler, "Friday Night Lights"

TV vet Chandler has only contended twice for Emmys: for a guest role on "Grey's Anatomy" in 2006 and for his starring role as high school football coach Eric Taylor on the critically acclaimed "Friday Night Lights" in 2010. "Lights" ended its five-year run this year, which means this is his last chance to take home TV's top prize for the role.


Now or never at Emmys for Steve Carell, 'FNLs,' 'In Treatment'

This year sees a large exodus of series and performances from our TV screens who have yet to win Emmy Awards. Can they finally prevail for their farewell seasons?

...In 2007 “Friday Night Lights” and its stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton took TV critics by storm. Yet it took Chandler and Britton till 2010 to reap acting bids. And the show has never contended for Best Drama Series. Signing off after five seasons, this is the last chance to score Emmy touchdowns. Vote here:

Jul 5, 2011

Fancast: Web of Spiderman

Kyle Chandler is Dr. Curt Connors/The Lizard
Kyle has become one of my favorite actors at the moment, mainly because of his performances in Friday Night Lights and Super 8. As you can see from the photo, he looks just like the art of Curt, and I've always imagined Curt was in his 30's when he and Pete met, so the age is there too. Plus, Curt was always like Pete's Cool teacher, being able to come to him for anything, or just talk like adults and friends, which Chandler could easily do.

Editor's Note: Is this casting for real? No, it's for fun.

Jul 1, 2011

FNLs Reaches Two Turning Points

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS -- "Texas Whatever" Episode 512 -- Pictured: (l-r) Brad Leland as Buddy Garrity, Kyle Chandler as Coach Eric Taylor -- Photo by: Bill Records/NBC

We're just a couple weeks away from the series finale of Friday Night Lights (7/8 p.m., NBC), and there are a pair of parallel events that will play into how things end.

Coach Eric Taylor and the Lions ought to be on top of the world. They're looking strong as they head into the state playoffs. But budget cuts could threaten the future of the East Dillon football program.

Meanwhile, an amazing opportunity comes Tammy's way. But Eric is so focused on his team he isn't interested in hearing about it. It's a great episode. And the upcoming series finale is also great stuff.