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Jun 21, 2011

If I Had an Emmy Ballot 2011

Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama

In terms of our next repeater, I had a conflicted feeling a year ago when Kyle Chandler finally, improbably cracked the nominations field. On the one hand, I was glad Coach was finally being recognized for one of the best performances on television in the last decade. On the other, "Friday Night Lights" season 4 was, while not a poor showcase for Chandler, certainly not the showiest season he's had. Season 5, though, featured some of his best work of this great, great series (most, but not all, of which has aired on NBC already), as Coach Taylor has had to deal with the pitfalls of winning with an outlaw team: ego, dirty play, envy and pushback from the football institutions. His work with Michael B. Jordan in particular has been so tense at times, and moving at others.

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