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Mar 8, 2011

Television Academy Honors to Hail 8 TV Programs 'with a Conscience'

On May 5, the fourth annual Television Academy Honors will salute eight programs that have demonstrated the ability of TV to significantly improve people's lives and attitudes. The star-studded event will be hosted by Dana Delany ("Body of Proof") at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The eight programs exemplifying "TV with a conscience" were aired by ABC, DirecTV, ESPN, HBO, NBC and Showtime and in syndication and deal with such important issues as sexual abuse and assault, racism, mental health and trauma, teen pregnancy, autism, living with a life-threatening disease and good nutrition in the fight against childhood obesity. Below are descriptions of the eight TV programs from the news release issued by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences:

"Friday Night Lights: I Can't"– One of America's most acclaimed family drama series tackles a difficult situation that teens and adults face every day: unwanted pregnancy. As Becky (Madison Burge) faces a heartbreaking decision and seeks support, information and advice from friends and total strangers, the episode delves into the human emotion surrounding abortion with honesty and grace, never succumbing to the politically charged emotion that usually overwhelms the dialogue around this controversial issue.

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