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Mar 30, 2011

Is FNLs Coach Taylor Getting Powers?

Is  FNL 's Coach Taylor Getting  Powers ?

... Actor Kyle Chandler has spent the last five years under the radar even though he's one of the best actors in television (his Emmy nomination . Fortunately as Coach Eric Taylor on DirecTV/NBC's criminally underwatched Friday Night Lights, his performance didn't go unnoticed by casting agents. Chandler is currently being pursued by FX to play the lead in its upcoming series Powers, based on a comic that sees a pair of cops investigating crimes in a world populated by superheroes. This is a perfect fit for Chandler, and if he says yes, FX will be the home of both Taylors--the actress who played his former on-screen wife, Connie Britton, is booked for the new secret project from Ryan Murphy called American Horror Story. [TV Line]

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