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Feb 10, 2011

FNLs: The Greatest Story Never Viewed

A mix of stupidity by myself and poor promotion by NBC put Friday Night Lights as an afterthought in my mind, but once I began watching the show, I couldn’t stop...

...The show wrapped up in expected, yet dramatic fashion, which is what viewers have come to expect of Friday Night Lights. Coach Taylor, who is played by one the most underrated TV actors of the last decade, Kyle Chandler, constantly makes the viewer feel like he is part of the team’s family, part of the Taylor family, and part of the Dillon family. I can’t say that I have learned much about football from Taylor, but that wasn’t his role on the show. The man teaches about life, as he is the central figure on a show that is more about family, friends, and real life situations rather than the overbearing presence of high school football.

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