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Feb 9, 2011

After FNLs: What Will Its Cast Do Next?

Kyle Chandler: As Coach Eric Taylor, Chandler has been the inspirational beacon to which all other characters revolve. Week after week, he’s delivered a masterclass in subtlety (Who on the show hasn’t?), occasionally stepping up with a take-your-breath-away motivational speech when his players—and we—need it most. Prior to FNL, Chandler’s most visible role came as the airhead matinee idol Bruce Baxter in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, and this summer, he’ll return to the spectacle blockbuster as part of the ensemble in J.J. Abrams’ top-secret alien-on-the-loose project Super 8 (You may have caught a glimpse of him in last Sunday’s Super Bowl spot). On FNL, Chandler excelled at playing the drill sargeant, but the core of his performance was brought out in the domestic scenes with his wife, where he shed the barbed-wire exterior to reveal a marshmallow center. This militaristic football coach, was in the end, a big softie. And after years of Emmy neglect, Chandler finally landed a long overdue nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Series last year. While Chandler doesn’t have any projects officially lined up after Super 8, he should carry the success of FNL well into the future, and have his pick of authority/father figures in quality film and television.

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