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Feb 21, 2011

Media Gallery: Friday Night Lights

The Taylors

Kyle Chandler (Eric Taylor) and Connie Britton (Tami Taylor) of Friday Night Lights. SPOILERS for Season 5 if you choose to click on this link.

Feb 19, 2011

Going Through FNLs Withdrawal? Here's What 7 of Dillon's Finest Are Up to Next

Kyle Chandler

Kyle Chandler

Everyone's favorite coach has reportedly been deluged with offers this pilot season -- but he hasn't committed to anything yet. Meanwhile, he's one of the stars of Steven Spielberg's clandestine "Super 8," out this summer (the first trailer recently aired during the Superbowl).

Feb 15, 2011

Texas Film Hall of Fame: FNLs

Currently in its fifth and final season, “Friday Night Lights” will receive the Star of Texas Award “for its critical success, significant contribution to the economy and its authentic portrayal of Texas.” Show stars Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton will accept the award for the critically acclaimed show based on H.G. Bissinger’s book about West Texas high school football. “FNL” actors Jesse Plemons, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson and Brad Leland will also be in attendance. Awards to be held on March 10th at Austin Studios.

Feb 13, 2011

Hearts Afire

Why does TV have such a hard time with relationships? It’s not you — it’s the medium. But love is there, if you know where to look.

In honor of Valentine’s Day on Monday, let’s celebrate five couples who embody romance in all its guises, from mature commitment, to passion, to crazy-mad drama.

Prime-time TV often seems fixated on how opposites attract, but real-life rarely plays that way. Eric (Kyle Chandler) and Tami Taylor (Connie Britton) of “Friday Night Lights” (which returns April 15 for its final season on NBC) go together, well, like a struggling team of underdogs and a championship ring. This is a partnership of equals. They might pull at each other occasionally, but they’ll never break apart. The actors are so good and their rapport so authentic, you can understand why some viewers are convinced the two must be a couple in real life.

Feb 10, 2011

FNLs: The Greatest Story Never Viewed

A mix of stupidity by myself and poor promotion by NBC put Friday Night Lights as an afterthought in my mind, but once I began watching the show, I couldn’t stop...

...The show wrapped up in expected, yet dramatic fashion, which is what viewers have come to expect of Friday Night Lights. Coach Taylor, who is played by one the most underrated TV actors of the last decade, Kyle Chandler, constantly makes the viewer feel like he is part of the team’s family, part of the Taylor family, and part of the Dillon family. I can’t say that I have learned much about football from Taylor, but that wasn’t his role on the show. The man teaches about life, as he is the central figure on a show that is more about family, friends, and real life situations rather than the overbearing presence of high school football.

FNL Finale Leaves Twitter Folks All Emotional

Kyle Chandler on the End of FNLs

FNLs Recap: Full Hearts

Friday Night Lights Series-Finale Recap: Full Hearts

Whew! Everyone out there okay? More like "Wet Eyes, Broken Hearts, Can’t Breathe," right? Need a Kleenex? Need another one? Us, too. Let’s take a second to go get one. We’ll get through this together.

WARNING: If you don't want to know the ending of Season 5, don't click on the link below. This Series review deserves to be posted. NY Magazine has been a forever fan of the show, as well as one of the more witty (often hilarious) supporters and reviewers of FNLs.

Friday Night LIghts: Series Finale

WARNING: Spoilers abound if you click the link. If you do not want to know the ending of Season 5, don't click. This interview about the ending of Friday Night Lights with Jason Katims and Connie Britton is just too good not to post in real time.

Zap2It: Top 10 FNLs Episodes

In 2006, "Friday Night Lights" introduced us to the possibly the most aspirational family to ever not exist. And despite low ratings, little fanfare and the world's bizarre decision to not embrace it for the amazing series it is, it's made it this far.

But now, after 76 episodes, 5 seasons and 2 football teams, it's finally come to an end. So with DirecTV's airing of the series finale of "Friday Night Lights," we're taking a look back at the top 10 episodes that made the series so special.,0,724597.photogallery

Friday Night Lights: Let's Go Home

WARNING: Series Finale spoilers abound, so click the link below at your own risk. This Time Magazine review is too good not to post in real time. Therein lies the dilemma for folks who understandably wish to watch FNLs on NBC, unspoiled. (Just be strong, and don't look.)

Feb 9, 2011

FNL Farewell Promo...

Post Finale Interview with Jason Katims

And a special video from the cast. WARNING: There are spoilers as to how the series ends. If you don't want to know, don't click on the link.

Friday Night Lights: Series Finale Review

WARNING: Spoilers galore. If you don't want to know how the series ends ... then, do not click the link below. We've at Kyle Chandler Central have been very careful not to post Season 5 spoilers on the homepage until the show airs on NBC. But this homage to this wonderful series by mega fan/critic Alan Sepinwall is just too good not to post now, in the moment ... in real time. Enjoy or be warned.

TV Guide: FNL Farewell Part 3

Top 10 Moments of Friday Night Lights

#1 Eric Taylor Finds His Field of Dreams

A disaster meant the Panthers lost their home field, but instead of playing somewhere else, Eric Taylor found an abandoned cow pasture and decided to build his own field. As he told his wife, “Close your eyes. Pretend you’re 10 years old again. Just playing. You’re just playing. I want to play football."

TV Guide: FNL Roush Review

"As the story gives ample heart-tugging closure while assuring us that life goes on in Dillon and beyond, we bid farewell gratefully, with lump in throat and the conviction that this is one town and one show we'll never forget. When future generations discover this timeless modern classic with clear eyes and full hearts, they'll likely wonder how Friday Night Lights wasn't a bigger hit. For those who embraced it, no show burns brighter. Well played, Dillon."

FNLs: An Appreciation (2006 - 2011)

A heart-felt Texan tribute which in part reads:

"What else is left to say? Well, the show won TV’s highest honor, the Peabody Award, in 2007. The Peabody judges wrote “No dramatic series, broadcast or cable, is more grounded in contemporary American reality than this clear eyed serial about the hopes, dreams, livelihoods and egos intertwined with the fate of high-school football in a Texas town.”

Friday Night Lights: A Look Back At Its Greatest Moments

Best quotes and best moments of Friday Night Lights:

Ranking Top 25 Episodes of FNLs

Farewell Friday Night Lights

Farewell Friday Night Lights! The Direct TV football loving series that chronicled the Taylor family, the Panthers, the Lions, and various Texans, has finally said goodbye with a bitter sweet series finale.

Friday Night Lights Cast

FNLs: A Fond Farewell

Excellent tribute article!! The author is a true fan.

Texas Forever: 12 Things TV Can Learn From FNLs

What follows is a non-spoiler-y celebration of what the show accomplished in the past five seasons. 'Friday Night Lights' was very good when it started, but it quickly developed into one of the most innovative, moving and thoughtful shows of the modern era. It wasn't perfect, but television as a whole could learn a lot from what FNL did well.

There will never be another Dillon, Texas, but if the storytellers of the small screen take these lessons to heart, one day, we might get a show that touches our hearts as often FNL did.

After FNLs: What Will Its Cast Do Next?

Kyle Chandler: As Coach Eric Taylor, Chandler has been the inspirational beacon to which all other characters revolve. Week after week, he’s delivered a masterclass in subtlety (Who on the show hasn’t?), occasionally stepping up with a take-your-breath-away motivational speech when his players—and we—need it most. Prior to FNL, Chandler’s most visible role came as the airhead matinee idol Bruce Baxter in Peter Jackson’s King Kong, and this summer, he’ll return to the spectacle blockbuster as part of the ensemble in J.J. Abrams’ top-secret alien-on-the-loose project Super 8 (You may have caught a glimpse of him in last Sunday’s Super Bowl spot). On FNL, Chandler excelled at playing the drill sargeant, but the core of his performance was brought out in the domestic scenes with his wife, where he shed the barbed-wire exterior to reveal a marshmallow center. This militaristic football coach, was in the end, a big softie. And after years of Emmy neglect, Chandler finally landed a long overdue nomination for Best Actor in a Drama Series last year. While Chandler doesn’t have any projects officially lined up after Super 8, he should carry the success of FNL well into the future, and have his pick of authority/father figures in quality film and television.

Feb 8, 2011

A Great Show Ends Its Run

Friday Night Lights

"I WANT TO GIVE UP 'Friday Night Lights' like I want to give up caramel lattes. Yeah, there are other flavors of lattes out there. But they just won't be the same." The last-ever first-run episode airs on DirecTV Wednesday, to be followed by a full run of final Season 5 on NBC beginning April 15th.

Friday Night LIghts: Where Are They Now?

Kyle Chandler (Eric Taylor)
He'll always be Coach to us, but Chandler just finished filming the super-secret project Super 8, a movie directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg.

Feb 3, 2011

A Salute to theTaylor Marriage Part 1

Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler act out a union with true-to-life domestic moments.

Friday Night Lights

Actors Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton play Coach Eric Taylor and his wife, Tami on "Friday Night Lights.'",0,6317888,full.story

Feb 2, 2011

Most Sought After Actors This Pilot Season?

It is the end of January, and pilot offers to actors are going out fast and furious. Like every year, there are several actors that attract the lion's share of offers. In the leading man category, two 40-something actors, Friday Night Lights star Kyle Chandler and Brotherhood alum Jason Isaacs, are red-hot, fielding a half-dozen offers each.

"Lions" share ... get it? Couldn't happen to a more talented, nicer guy. :)