Kyle's Career Filmstrip: TV Series and Movies

Jan 13, 2011

Super 8

J.J. Abrams refused to say much at all about the movie, although he did confirm that filming had ending and now they're in a very hectic editing phase. He also praised his star, Friday Night Lights's Kyle Chandler, which revealed a few oblique hints about the movie as a whole:

Kyle is the greatest. He's my favorite. I love that guy. I can't say enough about him. He had a very interesting part and it was a wonderful shoot with him. It was interesting, because I got to work with him in a way that I really like to work with actors, which is I like talking about what a moment is, but I don't like over rehearsing things. There are kids in the movie as well, and that requires a little bit more work. I don't like rehearsing all that much and I like jumping in. And Kyle, having done Friday Night Lights, that's all they do. So he loved it! And it was so much fun to sort of say, "Here's the moment. Here's the thing. Let's just shoot it." And he was like, "Great!" His eyes always lit up when it was about just trying it. And his instincts are so good and he's so crazy talented and relatable. I love him. I can't say enough about him.