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Oct 27, 2010

Roush Review: A Hug Before the Lights Go Out

Kyle Chandler

Few rites of passage are more heart-rending than preparing to say goodbye to a loved one — and naturally, I'm referring to a TV show here. Specifically, Friday Night Lights, a miracle of a series about big-hearted people in small-town America. Each chance to visit feels like an emotionally wrought homecoming.

...Things aren't so much winding down as winding up, as the quietly inspirational football coach Eric Taylor (the charismatic Kyle Chandler) and his spitfire wife Tami (Connie Britton, warm and witty), now a guidance counselor again, continue adjusting to the challenge of shaping futures and earning respect for an underfunded Underdog High called East Dillon. (Their tenures at the relatively plush Dillon High didn't end well.) Read on ...

Coach Taylor's Inspirational Notable Quotables

Somewhere among the ranks of Nelson Mandela and Abraham Lincoln is an equally inspiring orator ... who isn't even real. That man is "Friday Night Lights" Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler), and for five seasons his motivational dialogue has anchored one of the strongest performances on TV. So as we get ready to say goodbye to the coach and both Dillon football programs, let's look back at the pearls of wisdom (and a few cracks) that brought us this far.,0,7837258.photogallery?index=1

We call these 'Coachisms.' :) How about some they missed?

Oct 26, 2010

Michael B. Jordon on Kyle Chandler, FNLs

And working with this amazing cast must be quite the experience. There isn't one bad member!

The casting is so well-done on a personal level that the actors playing the roles kind of bleed over. Like, the reason Coach Taylor is so lovable is because Kyle [Chandler] is amazing. Kyle as a person is awesome, a real man's man, and that kind of adds another layer of depth to the character.

From all of us at Kyle Chandler Central, hearing this sentiment time and time again makes being a Kyle Fan an honor.

Oct 25, 2010

Matt's Picks

October 25th - 28th:

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights (Wednesday, 9/8c, DirecTV's 101 Network)
Every chance to revisit Dillon, Texas is like an emotionally wrought homecoming, and never has that been more poignantly apparent as the show returns for its fifth and final season. (These episodes will air on NBC sometime in 2011.) Some favorite characters move away as life moves on for Coach Taylor and his wife Tami, now facing the challenge of shaping futures and earning respect at the underfunded East Dillon. I will never willingly let go of this show, but it's a miracle we got to enjoy this much of their story. Enjoy while you can.

Oct 15, 2010

New Season 5 Interview - Kyle Chandler

This clip may contain some spoilers or speculation, but is mostly Kyle having a very nice conversation.

Oct 6, 2010

Direct TV's 30 Second Spot for S5

Good News: Pulling out all the stops for what will surely be a phenomenal final season, DirecTV has just released an incredibly hot promo in anticipation of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS October 27th premiere.

Bad News: Aside from the fact we’re unable to subscribe to DirecTV and thus won’t be getting the opportunity to catch the final season until next summer, when it comes to our favorite TV Shows ever! (see: EVERWOOD, GROSSE POINTE, JACK & BOBBY to name a few) we have serious issues about letting go.