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Sep 30, 2010

Just for fun ...

"Stories of corruption, crime and killing:" 5 Drive-By Truckers songs that would make great movies ...

3. “Sink Hole”

Sample lyric: “He thinks I ain’t got a lick of sense cause I talk slow and my money’s spent / Now, I ain’t the type to hold it against, but he better stay off my farm.”!

The pitch: The dark side of Hee-Haw

The story: The protagonist of “Sink Hole” presents himself as a good ol’ boy straight from central casting, talking about how his farm “has stood through five tornadoes, droughts, floods, and five tornadoes.” But his disarming gap-toothed drawl hides the desperation of a man with murder in his heart: Faced with the prospect of losing his home, he coldly schemes to bury his banker “in the old sink hole” before going to church on Sunday, where he pledges “to look the preacher in the eye.”

Potential personnel: Kyle Chandler has already shown he can portray a decent-but-imperfect small-town southerner with grace and subtlety on Friday Night Lights, and he could definitely pull it off again for “Sink Hole.”,45772/

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