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Aug 18, 2010

I'll Be Your Mirror

"It occurs to me, as I Netflix through the early seasons of Friday Night Lights, that I'm in the Eric Taylor stage of my life, named after the fortitudinous Texas gridiron coach (played so effectively by Kyle Chandler) at the epicenter of the show. Not of course that I live in Texas or coach high school football, or any sport for that matter (though I do have three years of youth soccer under my belt), but, rather, that like Coach Taylor I'm the married father of two girls, one a teenager whose motivations constantly befuddle me, and also that he is a man who shapes young lives while simultaneously allowing himself to be shaped by them. He can be wise (temperately articulating his disappointment in older daughter Julie when she lies about being drunk) or clueless (flummoxed by his inability to persuade the rest of the family to go out for lasagna on the night of the big school dance, when everyone else is too depressed over the sorry state of their romantic affairs), sometimes both at once. Above all he is principled and compassionate, and besides that I'm a sucker for the embattled hero." ...

A nice tribute to the iconic character of Coach Taylor, flawlessly played by Kyle Chandler. As an aside, you may recall the Paley Center interviews the cast from Friday Night Lights did (a podcast of which is available at iTunes).

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