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Aug 18, 2010

Friday Night Lights Coming to ABC Family

There’s a good chance you’ve heard from someone you know or read something with the approximation, “You’re not watching Friday Night Lights? It’s the best show people aren't watching.” And while hearing incredulous statements like that can be annoying, in the case of Friday Night Lights they are dead on. It may be one the best shows people have just never watched in any great numbers. But that can all change thanks to ABC Family. Starting in September, ABC Family will replay the entire Friday Night Lights series from the beginning. It’s a chance to see it from the pilot episode (one of the most poignant pilots in some time) and follow the story of Dillon, Texas and its captivation with football. ...

There are reviews of Friday Night Lights, and then, there are reviews. This is one of those golden ones ... promoting the premiere of the first 4 seasons on ABC Family beginning September 7th (on top of the release of Season 4 this week and the upcoming Emmys). It's a press bonanza!!!

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