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Aug 12, 2010

Five TV Critics Pick Their Emmy Favorites


Griffiths: "Bryan Cranston ('Breaking Bad') is doing a crackerjack job, but it's about time Kyle Chandler nabbed a win for 'Friday Night Lights.' The show's coming off its most winning season, and a lot of that has to do with Chandler's low-key, utterly human portrayal of a guy who takes a heartfelt interest in underdogs."

Fretts: "I put my money on Michael C. Hall, who's got a compelling personal story to go along with his killer work on 'Dexter.' Playing opposite John Lithgow took Hall to a new level this season, and he's overdue, having never won for this show or 'Six Feet Under.' "

Susman: "I'm going with Cranston to win, as much as I'd like to see Hugh Laurie ('House') win it after all these years, or even Matthew Fox, because I love 'Lost.' "

Ostrow: "Cranston and Laurie are principals who cater to their shows. The others are more ensemble pieces. Still, I do think there's so much sentiment for 'Mad Men' (and Jon Hamm). Overall, they got it right this year. I have no quibbles with this category."

Wiser: "Chandler isn't a showy actor, but his character couldn't be more real. That's talent. I think Laurie's Dr. House is an acquired taste, and Cranston should give someone else a chance."

Two out of 5 critics ... in a field of 6 actors? Here's hoping the Emmy electorate are voting for Best Actor, Drama with the same frequency!

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