Kyle's Career Filmstrip: TV Series and Movies

Jul 15, 2010

Emmy Episode Submissions Decided

We found out which episodes the actors — and supporting actors — have offered up for consideration. The Emmys will air Aug. 29 on NBC. See the selections after the jump:

Hamm: “The Gypsy & The Hobo” (Don Draper admits to his wife that he stole Dick Whitman’s identity)

Chandler: “East of Dillon” (Coach unites his team)

Cranston: “Full Measure” (Walt completes his journey to the dark side in this season finale)

Laurie: “Broken” (The season premiere that was set in a psychiatric hospital)

Fox: “The End” (Jack reunites with his friends in the series finale)

Hall: “The Getaway” (Dexter catches up with Trinity and kills him in this season finale)

Click on the link for info for Supporting Actors. What do you think? What was your favorite Coach Taylor episode?


  1. My favorite Coach episode was "The Lights in Carroll Park", no question. The part where he finds out about Tami and Glenn's kiss is priceless.

  2. That would have been my top pick for Kyle Chandler in Season 4, too, Lindz.

    I purchased East of Dillon from iTunes to rewatch the ep. (Be forewarned! The music is different from the Direct TV and NBC versions and noticeably not as good!!!) East of Dillon does have some great scenes showcasing Kyle's versatility (plus voters don't have to know much about the show to follow along). I remember saying "Whoa" the first time I saw the locker room scene where he throws Calvin off the team. I had the same reaction when I re-watched. And his inspirational locker room speech was first class Coach Taylor.

    I hope it works to give him the win!