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Jul 28, 2010

Chandler, Fox Garner Long Last Emmy Nods

'Lights,' 'Lost' actors receive attention late in show's run

"Kyle Chandler had been up late directing and acting in the penultimate episode of the upcoming fifth season of "Friday Night Lights" and had maybe knocked off about four hours of sleep when his wife and kids came bounding into his bedroom to tell him he'd been nominated for an Emmy.

"The first thing out of my mouth was: 'I'm trying to sleep,' " Chandler recalls, adding his grogginess quickly evaporated due to the excitement in the room.

Thanks to the critical praised heaped upon "Friday Night Lights," Chandler's nomination in the lead actor drama category felt deserved. But Emmy recognition for him and fellow category nominee Matthew Fox from "Lost" was also nothing short of a longshot." ...

Let's go out on a limb and predict a win for Kyle Chandle! Here's how it could happen: Bryan Cranston has won twice; and if he was going to win, Hugh Laurie would have by now. The 'surprise' noms of Chandler and Fox feel as if Emmy voters want something new this year. More popular shows' nominees Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, and Matthew Fox will cancel one another out ... leaving the dark horse, Chandler, to win.

Or the preferred scenario: Chandler is the only actor in this category who created a new character different from the lead role in a movie version. Actors know better than anyone how difficult that is to do, risking comparison to the movie portrayal ... something only THE consummate professional could pull off. Chandler went far beyond pulling it off. He was cast against type! Even creator Peter Berg questioned casting the "Early Edition guy" in a similar role portrayed so well by Billy Bob Thornton. In the end, Chandler beat the casting odds. He transforms into Coach Taylor! He was born to play this richly layered role.

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