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Jun 16, 2010

These Actors Deserve Emmy Nominations

... What follows is our list of potential nominees that deserve some Emmy consideration. In putting together the list, we didn't bother to mention virtual locks like Tina Fey, Glenn Close or "Mad Men." Bless them, they've gotten their props.

Instead, we're concentrating on worthy newcomers and/or familiar faces who have been rudely snubbed in the past:

BEST ACTOR, DRAMA: It bums us out to no end that the charismatic Kyle Chandler (Coach Taylor, "Friday Night Lights") has yet to be honored with a nomination. Also, why does Matthew Fox ("Lost") continue to get jacked by Emmy? (We're still recovering from his poignant death scene in the series finale). Meanwhile, Timothy Olyphant was mesmerizing as stoic lawman Raylan Givens in "Justified." Last year's winner: Bryan Cranston ("Breaking Bad").

You're singing to the choir where the charismatic Kyle Chandler is concerned. We couldn't agree more! Also deservedly mentioned: the incomparable Connie Britton, the uber talented Zach Gilford, and the 'comes along maybe once in a decade', highest quality Best Drama Series ... Friday Night Lights.

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