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Jun 21, 2010

'Terra Nova' Role is Signed

Jason O'Mara ('Life on Mars') has signed on to star in FOX's ambitious new drama series, 'Terra Nova.'

... O'Mara will play Jim Shannon, a father in the year 2149 on a dying planet who travels back in time with his family to the pre-historic era to help colonists rebuild civilization from the ground up. Stars who were previously thought to be considering the role include Kyle Chandler ('Friday Night Lights').

Previous reports stated filming begins in Australia and that Kyle Chandler and Kevin Bacon both passed on the role. Kyle has said nothing (pro that he is) about the Steven Spielberg project.

It's a dicey role as the series has been billed in the press as the 'Dinosaur' series ... and that had many Kyle fans concerned, as the 'Dinosaours' become the star. Although Spielberg is the "King of Special Effects,"due to high costs of creating special effects and CGI on a network TV series, the effects would have to be the best in the business to be believable. In this economy with concerns over high production costs, the quality of the effects was the concern most often cited by fans ... Will the series production be really well done (such as "Lost") or will it be unintentionally cheesy? Time will tell.

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