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Jun 23, 2010

Kyle Chandler to Direct an Episode of Friday Night Lights

Question: I’m desperate for some scoop regarding the new seasons of Friday Night Lights and Dexter. —Sean

Coincidentally, I’m desperate to unload some scoop on both those shows. FNL is casting the role of a “winning and charismatic” president of a non-Texas college (to meet with Riggins, perhaps?), while Dexter is looking for an actor in his late 40s to play an internal affairs agent at Miami Metro (to investigate Dex, perhaps?). Oh, here’s another FNL scoop-bit: Kyle Chandler will be playing coach on screen and off. Sources confirm that Chandler will direct his first FNL episode next season.

That is so awesome! We can't wait to see the episode!!! (Or find out which one it is.)

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