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May 2, 2010

Everything You Need to Know About FNLs

A complete primer on one of the best TV dramas about the fragile happiness of ordinary people

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." These words, which Coach Taylor says to his football team right before they take the field, underscore the bittersweet premise of "Friday Night Lights" -- that even with vision and passion, well-meaning people still fail and flounder and fall apart. But the words also hint at the nuanced blend of realism and romanticism that make "Friday Night Lights" such a unique, unforgettable show. ...

... Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler)

Coach Taylor epitomizes the bossy, bellowing coach that's also, sometimes reluctantly, a sensitive mentor. He's the pig-headed husband who's also, occasionally, a sweet and caring partner to his wife, Tami. Scenes between Eric and Tami are so genuine, perfectly encapsulating the dance between bickering and compromise and eye-rolling exasperation and kindness that makes up a marriage. Chandler has the perfect, natural Southern drawl to imbue Eric with believable Texan warmth, and the actor brings so much charisma mixed with bumbling awkwardness to this role that he steals every scene he's in."

Email this to all your FNLs challenged friends before the May 7th premiere on NBC. A wonderful recap of Seasons 1 - 3, along with a breakdown of all the major characters.

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