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May 3, 2010

Do Your Part: Make Friday Night Lights a Trending Topic

Dear Lovely Fans of Friday Night Lights,

As you know, we here at are enormous fans of the show, and on a regular basis we attempt to get others infatuated with Dillon Texas. This is a show with a lot of heart, very talented people, and fascinating stories to tell. It’s been said that this is a show about the “fragile happiness of ordinary people”, and I tend to agree…so with all of that having been said (not that anyone on here needed convincing), we have a favor to ask.

Many shows out there in the world of television have very avid fan bases that are able to make their shows “trending topics” on Twitter. Shows like Glee and The Vampire Diaries sometimes take up 2 or 3 slots on the top ten list of trending topics, and some would argue that making this coveted list of popular conversation topics on Twitter garners more fans for your show. So we’re thinking we need to make Friday Night Lights trendy EVERY FRIDAY!! So how are we going to do this? We’re going to write #FNL or #FridayNightLights on as many tweets as we can throughout the day on Friday…and if you’re really feeling feisty do it all week! We want to gain as many viewers for our favorite show so that it may continue on beyond season 5.

Thanks in advance, and be sure to spread the word!
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts….
~Kaitlin & Amy

A lot of Kyle fans have been asking "what can we do" to increase viewership on NBC for Season 4. Here is a campaign for all of you on Twitter ... here's a way to give it a shot.

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