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May 27, 2010

My Dream Emmy Nominations

Aiello's Picks for the Emmy:

Best Lead Actor (Drama)
* Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights): His coach turned the misfits of East Dillon into champions. Surely that warrants an Emmy.
* Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad): I smell a three-peat.
* Michael C. Hall (Dexter): He killed as Dex tried (and failed) to have it all.
* Peter Krause (Parenthood): His character is flawed. His performance? Not so much.
* Hugh Laurie (House): Delivered the best work of his career in this season’s opener and closer.
* Timothy Olyphant (Justified): So strong, it’s dang near criminal.

Best Lead Actress (Drama)

* Connie Britton (Friday Night Lights) Carried the ball, never fumbling, even with a tricky abortion plot.
* Glenn Close (Damages): Showed us a devil of a time as Patty stared down her demons.
* Anna Gunn (Breaking Bad): The breakout performance of the year.
* Regina King (Southland) Simply put, the tube’s most complex female cop since… Yeah, I’m stumped too.
* Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife): Good? Try great.
* Katey Sagal (Sons of Anarchy): Season 2 sent Gemma to hell and back. Heavenly!

We couldn't agree more! Zach Gilford was included in the Supporting Actor category ... only we would like to see them win their categories!!!

May 26, 2010

Why We Love 'Friday Night Lights'

Eric (Kyle Chandler) and Tami (Connie Britton) Taylor

The Taylors are unlike anything I’ve ever seen on the small screen. There has simply never been a more honest and sympathetic portrayal of a married couple—much less a Christian couple with a rock-solid marriage—produced in Hollywood. Even scenes in which the Taylors fight (and they argue about as often as any normal couple) reveals more genuine love and emotion than all of the sex scenes in the history of television combined.

Take, for example, this clip from a previous season: (scroll down link below for clip)

Eric and Tami Taylor are the best advertisements for marriage I’ve ever seen in pop culture.

Here, here!!!

May 25, 2010

Direct TV/NBC Join Forces for Friday Night Lights Emmy Effort

Friday Night Lights Hurls Its Whole Offense To Tackle Emmy Voters

... Recently, NBC sent the following: "30 Rock" (two), "The Office" (double length, one-hour special) — and "Friday Night Lights" (one). It didn't send more of "Friday Night Lights" because it was aware of the bold, separate push planned by its production partner DirecTV, which just shipped 14,000 TV academy members all 13 episodes of the football drama's newest season. They initially aired on DirecTV between October 2009 and February 2010, and just commenced re-airing on NBC beginning May 7.

Scroll down to see the 13 episode submission to Emmy voters by Direct TV (click on image for a bigger image) and the video made by FNLs fans. Here's hoping this is the year for Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton (and Zack Gilford for "The Son")!!!!

ABC Family Acquires Rights to "Lights"

Critical Fave To Air on Cabler Starting in September

ABC Family has acquired basic cable rights to air five seasons of "Friday Night Lights" from NBC Universal Domestic TV Distribution.

The low-rated but critically acclaimed series, which has been kept alive since the end of its second season in 2008 thanks to a co-production deal between NBC and DirecTV, will begin its syndication run on ABC Family in September.

"We're thrilled to add NBC's critically acclaimed series 'Friday Night Lights' to the mix of our defining original and quality acquired series," said Tom Zappala, ABC Cable Networks Group exec VP of program acquisitions and scheduling. "The series is beloved by critics and viewers, and fits in perfectly with ABC Family."

With 13 episodes scheduled for the fifth season, the deal gives ABC Family 76 total hours of the series.

"'Friday Night Lights' is a perfect fit for ABC Family's sensibility for the modern-day family program," said Bruce Casino, senior VP of cable and ancillary sales for NBC Universal Domestic Television Distribution. "ABC Family will introduce this award-winning show to a whole new audience segment where the series can thrive in its new environment."

The fifth and likely final season of new "Friday Night Lights" episodes is scheduled to premiere on DirecTV in October. NBC is currently showing the fourth-season episodes that DirecTV aired last fall. According to sources, there were no discussions for ABC Family regarding the possibility of producing new episodes of the series.

"Lights" has won a 2007 Peabody Award, a 2009 Humanitas Prize and three consecutive Writers Guild Award nominations for dramatic series (2007-09).

Peter Berg, Jason Katims, Brian Grazer, David Nevins and Sarah Aubrey exec produce "Friday Night Lights" for Universal Media Studios, Imagine Entertainment and Film 44.

May 20, 2010

New Emmy Effort: Nominate Kyle and Connie!

Is this the year Emmy finally shows Friday Night Lights some freakin’ love? It better be. Season 4 — paced by the gut-wrenching, and flawlessly acted, episode “The Son” — was a creative triumph. The show’s producing partners, Universal Media Studios and DirecTV, are attempting to drive home this message to a seemingly immovable voting body with an Emmy campaign that is ambitious, creative, and, dare I say, moving. But don’t take my word for it.

One piece of the multipronged effort — a fan-inspired video — is embedded below for your viewing pleasure. Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!

Scroll down for the video. :)

May 17, 2010

Hope Glimmers for FNL's Ratings

"Friday Night Lights" lights up NBC #1 18-34; 'Jay Leno' #1 late-night

At 8 p.m. ET, "Friday Night Lights" (1.3/5 in 18-49, 4.0 million viewers overall) finished within 0.2 of a rating point of the time-period lead in adults 18-49, tied for #2. "Friday Night Lights" is #1 in the time slot among the major networks in adults 18-34 and also out-rated ABC, CBS and Fox in all key adult-male demos. "Friday Night Lights" scored week-to-week increases of 8 percent in 18-49 (to a 1.3 rating from a 1.2) and 1 percent in total viewers (4.0 million vs. 3.9 million) versus the prior week's season premiere.

Keep getting the word out!

May 14, 2010

Singing the Praises of FNL's Berg, Chandler, Britton

Peter Berg: auteur with TV's "Friday Night Lights," not with movies

... Has there ever been a fuller portrait of a marriage between two strong-willed people? Kyle Chandler as a sane, embattled high school football coach and Connie Britton as his principled high school principal wife bring deep-toned humor, sensual rapport, and instinctive if imperfect understanding to their marital bond. As we used to chant about culture heroes in the '60s, "Eric and Tami Taylor. Live like them." ...

This ode to Peter Berg includes high praise for Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton and others involved with FNLs.

FNLs: It's the Best Show on Television

'Friday Night' Diversion is Back On

It seems like forever since we last saw Friday Night Lights, which returned last Friday on NBC, and now I'm going to say it straight out: It's the best show on television.

Yes, better than The Amazing Race, Breaking Bad or Glee — or even Mad Men.

It's about parents and kids, school, love, competition (healthy and unhealthy), good folks and mean folks, small-town life.

Heck, it's set in Texas, and I still like it.

This season, Tami and Eric Taylor (Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler) are split up — not their marriage, but their schools. She is principal of one, and he is head football coach at the newer high school.

The 13-episode season, which showed on DIRECTV in fall and winter, has such new faces as Jurnee Smollett, Alicia Witt, Matt Lauria and Michael B. Jordan. Aimee Teegarden (Julie), Jesse Plemons (Landry), Zach Gilford (Matt) and Taylor Kitsch (Riggins) return — as well as that awful rich man and his arrogant quarterback son.

The Emmy dummies need to show Friday Night Lights a lot of love this year. It's becoming downright embarrassing. The show, the directors, the writers and Chandler and Britton all deserve wins.

Here, here!!!

May 13, 2010

Chandler Scores in New Season of "Friday Night Lights"

"Every time Kyle Chandler is told the current season of “Friday Night Lights” will be its last, he feels more comfortable.

“I’ve been told this is the last season since we did the pilot,” Chandler recently told the Herald in a telephone interview from the show’s Austin, Texas, set, where he’s currently shooting the fifth - and possibly final - season as coach Eric Taylor." ...

...“I hope people just say it was really enjoyable storytelling,” he said. “All we’re trying to do is tell good stories. People say, ‘You’re the greatest coach,’ or ‘Your fathering skills are great’ or ‘Your marriage is this or that,’ those are just great compliments, and I’m not the only who gets these compliments. The cast gets them from people in the street. People enjoy the show, and as a cast and crew, we’re really proud of that.” ...

Another interview with Kyle Chandler. Click the link above to read it in its entirety. :)

Kyle Chandler on How 'Friday Night Lights' Should End

...So how does it all end?

"Well in every role I’ve played, whether it’s “Grey’s Anatomy” or “The Day the Earth Stood Still,” I’m blown up at the end. So I’ve asked them to do that for me - Coach in his Ford Expedition goes off the road and the end is his funeral. I think they’ll do that for me. Can you write that and then put in a little asterisk saying that Mr. Chandler claims to be a compulsive liar."

This is a fantastic interview. Click on the link to read it in its entirety. :)

May 9, 2010

NBC’s ‘Friday Night Lights’ takes No. 1 slot Friday; ‘Leno’ No. 1

At 8 p.m. ET, the fourth season premiere of “Friday Night Lights” scored a 1.2/5 in 18-49 and 3.9 million viewers overall. In the time period, "Friday Night Lights" ranked #1 among the major networks in men 18-49 and tied for #1 among adults 18-34. "Friday Night Lights" matched NBC's 18-49 average in the time period over the prior four weeks as well as NBC's average in the time period during the traditional 2008-09 season.

There have been some dismal ratings reports over the past 24 hours (that do not include DVR numbers ... a FNL strength). Let's hope these #'s mean something to NBC advertisers. And continue to get the word out to Family and Friends. Twitter is attempting to trend FNLs on Fridays using #FRIDAYNIGHTLIGHTS and/or #FNL

May 7, 2010

Exclusive: Chandler, Bacon Pass on Fox's 'Terra Nova'


The Wrap has learned that Fox's big-budget series "Terra Nova" is still searching for its leading man now that "Friday Night Lights" star Kyle Chandler and Kevin Bacon have both turned down lucrative offers and passed on the prehistoric project from exec producers Steven Spielberg and Peter Chernin.

"Terra Nova" follows a futuristic family that travels back 150 million years to a time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

The actors' representatives at Gersh and WME, respectively, confirmed that the duo decided against sharing the small screen with dinosaurs, which sounds crazy on the surface given the chance to work with Spielberg, the director of blockbusters "Jurassic Park" and its sequel "The Lost World."

It's unclear why Chandler and Bacon passed on the high-profile project but it's possible that Chandler simply didn't want to commit to another TV series with more movie opportunities on the horizon, while Bacon may just be too busy (see below) to topline a TV series, even one from Spielberg. ...

...Chandler next appears in Leland Orser's feature directorial debut "Morning," which stars Jeanne Tripplehorn, Laura Linney and Jason Ritter. The film's NSFW trailer is available on YouTube.

Wow. This is breaking news!

New Season of Friday Night Lights Airs in US and Canada


As the fourth season gets underway, Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) lives in a town divided. No, really, it's divided into East and West Dillon and the redistricting plan isn't working for anyone. The questionable border shuffle does work, however, for the always great series, opening up another field for the stellar drama to play on.

Friday, Global, Ch. 7, and NBC, Ch. 16, 9 p.m. (In US, check you local listings: 7/8 p.m.)

Are you ready for Friday Nights? Woo Hoo!

May 6, 2010

NYT Interview: Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton

On Character: The Stars of Friday Night Lights

Please go to the link and read this awesome interview, yourself:

Enjoy! )

May 3, 2010

Do Your Part: Make Friday Night Lights a Trending Topic

Dear Lovely Fans of Friday Night Lights,

As you know, we here at are enormous fans of the show, and on a regular basis we attempt to get others infatuated with Dillon Texas. This is a show with a lot of heart, very talented people, and fascinating stories to tell. It’s been said that this is a show about the “fragile happiness of ordinary people”, and I tend to agree…so with all of that having been said (not that anyone on here needed convincing), we have a favor to ask.

Many shows out there in the world of television have very avid fan bases that are able to make their shows “trending topics” on Twitter. Shows like Glee and The Vampire Diaries sometimes take up 2 or 3 slots on the top ten list of trending topics, and some would argue that making this coveted list of popular conversation topics on Twitter garners more fans for your show. So we’re thinking we need to make Friday Night Lights trendy EVERY FRIDAY!! So how are we going to do this? We’re going to write #FNL or #FridayNightLights on as many tweets as we can throughout the day on Friday…and if you’re really feeling feisty do it all week! We want to gain as many viewers for our favorite show so that it may continue on beyond season 5.

Thanks in advance, and be sure to spread the word!
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts….
~Kaitlin & Amy

A lot of Kyle fans have been asking "what can we do" to increase viewership on NBC for Season 4. Here is a campaign for all of you on Twitter ... here's a way to give it a shot.

Louis- Dreyfuss a Fan of Football Drama

"When it comes to TV drama, sitcom legend Julia Louis-Dreyfus has a thing for high school football players.

“I watch Friday Night Lights and I think that is just genius,” Louis-Dreyfus said. “I just think it is incredible. That’s my big drama.”

The fourth season of Friday Night Lights — the critically acclaimed but ratings-challenged series that centres on a high school football team in Texas — kicks off Friday on NBC and Global." ...

Hooray! JLD loves Friday Night Lights! She's a woman of impeccable taste. ;)

TV Pick of the Week: Friday Night Lights

“Friday Night Lights” network premiere

"Back for a fourth season, the little show with the massive heart finds Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler) trying to kick-start the East Dillon team. Will his new bad-boy recruit be the spark plug he needs, or just another heartbreaker in a helmet? And what about the unsinkable Tami Taylor (Connie Britton), who is still fighting the good fight at Dillon High? Put us in, coach, we’re ready to play. (8 p.m. Friday)"

We're counting the days!

May 2, 2010

'Friday Night Lights' Turn on at East Dillon High

Interviews with Jason Katims and Kyle Chandler:

For three seasons, the small-town Texas high school football drama "Friday Night Lights” — which comes to NBC at 7 p.m. Friday for season four after airing on production partner DirecTV — has been all about the purple.

Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and his Dillon Panthers have been the centerpiece of the show, as he led the team to a state championship in season one — but couldn’t quite manage a two-fer. That, and political issues in the town and on the team, cost Taylor his coaching job at the end of season three.

But, he wasn’t out of the game, as he was hired to resurrect the football franchise at East Dillon High, reopened after years of being closed. ...

"When I was brought on to do the show,” executive producer Jason Katims says, "I was in a situation where I had huge expectations on me. I had to go to New York to the upfronts and shake hands of the head of the network and everybody else and tell them what a great job we were going to do."

"I consciously used the pressure that was on me to write the character of Coach Taylor — you have a show that’s constantly barely surviving and you have similar kinds of challenges going on for the characters in the show.”

Coach also dealt with his new reality.

"These coaches, what happens to them is, they don’t stay anywhere too long, not as long as they want to,” Chandler says. "That’s another factor in his marriage. Tami knows that she married a coach, and coaches’ wives know what they’re getting into.

"They, more often than not, love the game of football as well. If you’re going to get a guy who marries a woman who hates football, and he’s a football coach, you’ve got obvious problems right there. That’s not going to last long.”

After such a long wait, the NBC premiere of Season 4 on Friday, May 7th, 7/8 p.m. is fast coming up on us. Can't wait!

Everything You Need to Know About FNLs

A complete primer on one of the best TV dramas about the fragile happiness of ordinary people

"Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose." These words, which Coach Taylor says to his football team right before they take the field, underscore the bittersweet premise of "Friday Night Lights" -- that even with vision and passion, well-meaning people still fail and flounder and fall apart. But the words also hint at the nuanced blend of realism and romanticism that make "Friday Night Lights" such a unique, unforgettable show. ...

... Coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler)

Coach Taylor epitomizes the bossy, bellowing coach that's also, sometimes reluctantly, a sensitive mentor. He's the pig-headed husband who's also, occasionally, a sweet and caring partner to his wife, Tami. Scenes between Eric and Tami are so genuine, perfectly encapsulating the dance between bickering and compromise and eye-rolling exasperation and kindness that makes up a marriage. Chandler has the perfect, natural Southern drawl to imbue Eric with believable Texan warmth, and the actor brings so much charisma mixed with bumbling awkwardness to this role that he steals every scene he's in."

Email this to all your FNLs challenged friends before the May 7th premiere on NBC. A wonderful recap of Seasons 1 - 3, along with a breakdown of all the major characters.

May 1, 2010

Homage to the Return of Friday Night Lights

By David Carr
New York Times

"While many have bemoaned that "Friday Night Lights" has had to struggle with bad time slots and a tenuous hold on survival, Bissinger, whose book provides the series with its DNA, sees it differently: "I give NBC credit for staying with it. This is not a souped-up show, a show that doesn't spoof small-town life, that gets at the nuances, and it's shooting its fifth season.

This week, there has been (and will be) a slew of press on the return of our beloved Kyle Chandler in the role of Coach Eric Taylor to network television. This article is the best of the best ... without spoilers.