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Apr 13, 2010

Vote for Friday Night Lights!!!

"The third round voting has ended and it was the closest voting yet! In the beginning of the week, the majority of the remaining top seeds were in danger of going down, including the #1 overall seed Lost. But by the end of the week, they had all mostly survived another round. All of the #1 seeds are still alive, as are the remaining two #2 seeds. However, two more #3 seeds did go down in this round.

... Finally, the NBC Region also had 1 upset. Although, it was the #14 Bones over the #11 Gossip Girl, so that wasn’t much of an upset. But #1 Dexter and #2 Friday Night Lights both had easy times with their opponents. House also had a relatively easy time with 30 Rock, but this was the closest matchup from this region."

Go here to vote:

And here to see the standings:

How did we not know about this? Go and vote!!! FNLs will need fan help for the next round. Let's get our favorite show some good press. :)

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