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Apr 17, 2010

The Heart of Dillon

Beware, as there are Season 4 spoilers contained in this article. which is linked, below. But it contains some of the best character descriptions we've seen:

"... Kyle Chandler’s Eric is a man of few drawled words, capable of locker room eloquence when necessary, but often preferring to communicate sparsely and directly. The beauty of the character is his eyes; Chandler’s dark brows and thousand yard stare show his inner dialogue better than any voice-over could hope to express. When Tami makes a surprising revelation at the end of season one, those furrowed brows leap up in amazement while the eyes suddenly flash; it is only a moment later that the last domino falls and his smile breaks out, but his face is already grinning."

'Thousand yard stare.' We agree! Kyle's ability to emote volumes sans the need to utter a single word of dialog has made Coach Taylor one of the most compelling characters on TV today. We've noticed those eyes, as well.

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