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Apr 26, 2010

Austin Celebration of FNLs Return to NBC

The Statesman, Austin Texas

"Several hundred fans of "Friday Night Lights" (and Texas film and television production) joined cast and crew members of the NBC/DirecTV drama at the Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar on Sunday night for a celebration of the show's May 7 return.

Following a screening of the fourth season's premiere episode, "East of Dillon," new cast members Michael B. Jordan and Jurnee Smollett fielded questions from attendees. Also on hand were producer/director Michael Waxman and producer Nan L. Bernstein.

One answer we didn't get was what will happen after Season 5. With the fulfillment of NBC's deal with DirecTV that kept the show on the air for the past several seasons and star Kyle Chandler's courting by Fox for its dinosaur drama "Terra Nova," the lights will likely be shut off at the end of that season, which is currently filming."

To go along with the wonderful first-hand accounts (below) from two of our own, resident Kyle Fans, there is a wonderful picture of Kyle Chandler in this article. Click it to enlarge.

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